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Akimbo presents specially selected projects by artists who use video, 3D rendering, GIFs, video games, animation, film remix and webcam in their works.

Art Intersections Meetup
Art Intersections Meetup is a meeting place for artists, moving image-makers, gamers and technologists who are experimenting with art-related digital content and how the moving image is presented in a connected world. Digital culture, social media and net...
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Midi Onodera: Lonely Videos
Last year I was pondering the topic of my 2017 online video project and was inspired by a NY Public Radio podcast of the show, Note to Self. The podcast, What Happens to Videos No One Watches spoke about “the lonely web”, a term coined by J...
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Collective City
Collective City is a documentary series from Caroline Birks, Richard Mongiat and David Sylvestre that traces the history of artist generated galleries and collectives that operated as alternative exhibition venues in Toronto from the late 1980’s t...
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Midi Onodera: To Poll or Not to Poll
A 2016, monthly series by the critically acclaimed Canadian moving image artist Midi Onodera on public engagement and exchange of opinion in contemporary polling. "This year I am looking into the world of polling and how social media has influenced the ...
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Dick Averns - Ambivalence Blvd
Ambivalence Blvd navigates access to contested political and societal territories. Not just a mobile street sign but state of mind, Ambivalence Blvd is promenaded, installed and screened throughout the public domain, lending itself to redirecting the thou...
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Midi Onodera: Annual Report
A 2015, monthly series on personal and public identities by the critically acclaimed Canadian moving image artist Midi Onodera. "Identity politics hasn’t disappeared, its just taken a 21st century digital twist. The once thought-provoking, quietly ...
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Article is a video blog produced by Arsenal Montréal featuring interviews with contemporary artists who shape today’s ever-transforming and rapidly expanding sphere of the visual arts.

Jordyn Stewart: 43o 8ยด 46
48 minute HD Video, 2014 43° 8' 46" N 79° 28' 38" W is a site-responsive performance for video consisting of 8 videos that range from 3 minutes to 11 minutes in length. While traversing through desolate landscapes the artist uses four rocks as a m...
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Lisa Truttmann: 6500 (excerpt)
The color temperature of different light sources is ­measured in Kelvin. 6500 Kelvin corresponds to the value of overcast daylight and is used as a standard for the neutral registration of white surfaces. Unconsciously the human eye adapts to diff...
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