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Welcome to Akimbo!

Subscribe to Akimbo's Calendar and join an online network of artists, galleries and art lovers in the artworld, from around the world.

When you subscribe to the Akimbo Calendar, content is automatically downloaded directly from ours to yours. It works something like an RSS feed except the content lands in your desktop or handheld calendar.

You can subscribe to any or all of the following calendars.

Here's what's available (click to subscribe):

Here's how you do it:

Akimbo's calendars are built using the iCalendar (ICS) calendar format and are compatible with most desktop and handheld calendar software including iCal, Outlook and the iOS calendar application (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).  For most users you simply need to click on one of the above links and your web browser will automatically open your calendar software and ask if you want to subscribe.  Akimbo calendars are updated every day, so to ensure that your calendar subscription is kept up-to-date please make sure to set the calendar to refresh once a day (more often is not necessary as the calendars only update daily).

If clicking on the above links don't work to automatically subscribe to our calendars you may need to manually enter the calendar address into your calendar software.  Users of Google calendar or other online calendars will need to use this method to subscribe.

Here are some links that may help you out:

Subscribe with Google Calendar

Subscribe to an ICS Calendar with Blackberry

Here are alternate (http) links to the calendars in case the above links don't work out when manually adding them to your calendars.  These links should only be used to either download the actual ICS file or to paste into calendar software that doesn't support direct subscription.


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