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June 14, 2017

jaymez has contributed his multi-faceted and distinct visual style to the visual arts, dance, theatre, and music. His video work has been presented in a number of international festivals as well as theatrical and dance productions. He has performed live video alongside dozens of musicians and artists, and created lighting, video, and sound designs for a wide range of companies and choreographers. He is one half of the experimental voice and video duo The Gritty. He currently sits on the board of Video Pool Media Arts Centre and is the Technical Director of Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival. His solo exhibition prägnanz opens this week at aceartinc. in Winnipeg.

1. Poppy

This strange white-haired internet/YouTube phenomena is equal parts creepy and genius. She is of an unknown age, speaks in soft dulcet tones, and is often standing in a white room staring into a camera. She currently has two YouTube channels. One is a Vevo music page where she releases videos for her singles and the other is a more personal channel where she delves into some strange territory. Her unanimated delivery, lack of major personality traits, and (not so) subtle references to Illuminati imagery and conspiracy theories has made her a hotbed for late night YouTube theorists. Some think she’s being manipulated by unknown outside forces, but I think she’s just a master of getting views!

2. Gestalt psychology

This subject is the centerpiece of my upcoming exhibition, so it has been haunting my mind for the better part of a year. Gestalt is the study of how the mind connects things and views them as a whole instead of a series of individual units. A dotted line is a line, not a series of dots. It is an essential psychological tool that the mind uses understand this chaotic world, but it also leads to some pretty outrageous conclusions being drawn. Once I began to understand the concept, I couldn’t help but see it in everything, and draw connections to my own work and practice.

3. Hiro Kone

I recently caught New York-based techno artist Nicky Mao, who records under the moniker Hiro Kone, at La Vitrola in Montreal. She was opening for Pharmakon and was a perfect contrast to compliment the whole evening. A blend of haunting noisy soundscapes and thumping rhythms, her music has been in constant rotation on my Spotify account lately.

4. Augmented fourths

I spent way too much time the other day watching YouTube videos on the Devil’s Interval (aka the Devil’s Tritone). Mythologized as being a very evil note combination that would summon Satan, it was banned by the church and some people were put to death for using it. Apparently none of that is true and it’s just quite hard to sing, but it has been used in some pretty dark music. Black Sabbath, Nick Cave, Wagner, and Slayer have all invoked its diabolic glory.

5. Being put on the spot

This fifth one is hard. I’ve been dwelling on it since being asked to do this list. It’s probably something obvious, but I just can’t figure out what it should be. It seems the more I think about it, the more it eludes me. Maybe I should have titled this one “cop-out.”



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