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Linda Badgley

April 26, 2017

Linda Badgley is an eighteen-year-old student who attends Etobicoke School of the Arts for film. She specializes in photography and writing. She likes to document not only her past, but the pasts of others as well. After she completes her final months of high school, she will be moving to New York City to continue her studies at the New School, where she will be doing a dual degree program in Photography and Literary Studies. Her newest work exploring the deterioration of Toronto’s history, titled Nothing Else Left to Impart is currently on display at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto as part of the Contact Photography Festival and the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo

1. Collecting old cameras

It seems as though every single flea market and yard sale I go to, I always look for cameras. I am so fascinated with finding different types of film cameras and seeing how each camera works and captures images differently. There is also a bit of excitement about whether or not the camera will work. I've had some luck over the years, mostly at garage sales, finding $2 point-and-shoots cameras at the bottom of boxes filled with items that have seemingly been left behind.

2. Observing people on the subway

I carry around a small red notebook with me wherever I go, and when I see something bizarre or interesting, I write a very detailed description down. I date it and write where I observed it. Are these meaningless observations merely a way for me to entertain myself during mundane moments? Maybe I just love to observe the environment around me and simply people watch. Whatever the reason, it does occupy a lot of my time while I wait at bus stops, on street corners, and in subway cars.

3. Gregory Alan Isakov

Gregory Alan Isakov is an artist I just discovered less than a year ago. He writes these personal yet universal songs that manage to capture something so much greater. I mean, he has a song that I truly relate to about wishing the subway rides in New York City would last forever. Not many people write about those moments.

4. Phil Elverum

Phil Elverum
is another artist I have been listening to for a couple of years, but only recently rediscovered his extensive discography after the release of his newest album A Crow Looked At Me. He's able to create such a vivid and stunning atmosphere with his music; it makes his art so much more tangible. His stripped-down melodies combined with his lyrics lead to this very intimate and powerful listening experience. He is able to be so incredibly honest with everything he creates. That, in my opinion, makes for compelling art.

5. Sufjan Stevens

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favourite artists is Sufjan Stevens. He has such a vast and diverse discography ranging from songs about the World’s Columbian Exposition to songs about a southern artist named Royal Robertson to songs about his childhood in Oregon. Not only is he a musician, but he also makes films, film scores, orchestral arrangements, pieces for the New York City Ballet, and visual art. He also writes. He is able to convey his themes and express what he cares about regardless of the medium. I hope to achieve that skill one day. He also has a new collaborative album titled Planetarium coming out in less than seven weeks. I am counting down each day until the release.



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