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Bruce Montcombroux

December 07, 2016

Bruce Montcombroux was born in Oxford, England, and immigrated to Canada at an early age with his parents. Frequent moves were the mainstay of his childhood and he has lived in countless places across Canada, including the Arctic. After nearly a decade in Saskatoon, he relocated to Edmonton where he is an Assistant Professor at MacEwan University. He exhibits his work nationally and internationally. It has appeared in journals such as Grain Magazine in 2012 and in multiple press reviews. He was a mentoring artist for the RBC Artist by Artists Program at the Mendel Art Gallery in 2013, and has attended residencies at the Banff Center, the Vermont Studio Center, and NES Artist Residency in Skagastond, Iceland. His drawings are represented by The GALLERY / art placement inc. in Saskatoon. His solo exhibition Site, Sight, Cite is currently on display at the Dunlop Art Gallery. He will also be performing in Edmonton as part of Mile Zero Dance’s SubArctic Improv and Experimental Arts Series on December 15.

1. Real friends

Friends who are still your friend after you “know” who your friends are. Friends who help you, friends you can talk to, friends who will always be there, friends who live far away, and friends that you miss. Real friends, not Facebook friends.

2. Cliff Eyland

Thank you, Cliff, for your support, your encouragement, your in-depth Rolodex of art historical knowledge, your oh-so trite responses, and the dedication you have to your practice. You teach by example and it has helped me get to the here and now. I owe you a debt of gratitude.

3. Exhibition statements

Kelly Mark's ubiquitous exhibition statement for Curmudgeon at Diaz Contemporary. There is something for everyone in it, even if there isn't.

4. Shonen Knife

Thirty-five years of post-punk pop and counting. Shonen Knife's 2011 album Osaka Ramones is a great homage to the seminal and enduring influence of the Ramones. I have never outgrown my appreciation for the latter band. Call it juvenile, but I think that’s the point. Sometimes you need to just do what you want, on your own terms, because results do not matter. Shonen Knife's decades-long musical odyssey and their tribute to the Ramones is just that... Gabba Gabba Hey!

5. Broadway Roastery

Since moving to Edmonton, I cannot find coffee beans that I like. All the coffee here is dry. I miss you, Broadway Roastery in Saskatoon, and your paper bags of delicious caffeinated oily goodness. There is currently one bag of Roastery beans left in my freezer. THAT causes me anxiety!



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