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Stephanie Clark & Genevieve Robertson

Santa Fe & Toronto
August 07, 2014

Stephanie Clark is a painter whose work deals with ritual, abstraction, landscape, and the sublime. A selection of her work is represented through Mammoth & Company. Currently an artist-in-residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point, she is exhibiting in Call and Response, a durational, collaborative project, with Genevieve Robertson at Milk Glass Co. in Toronto. The opening reception is this Friday.

Genevieve Robertson is a visual and community-based artist who is just about to set off across the country back home to Vancouver. In her work and research Genevieve explores the generative potential of collaboration and exchange; water, resource extraction, and environmental justice; interpretations of nature in culture; and broader themes of place, identity, and human/nature relations.

1. Collecting rocks

I have been collecting rocks since I was young. A few years ago, I decided to give myself free reign as to how many I was picking up and placing in my pockets. Living in the desert allows me to find some of the most beautiful rocks with colors ranging from deep blacks and translucent creams to lovely quartz pinks. Being in residence on Toronto Island has also allowed me the time to gather some exquisite rocks. I keep them in my studio. – SC

2. The smell of birch buds

Because it reminds me of being in treeplanting camps as a baby, of flash floods, tired parents, and canvas tents. This one’s a forever obsession. – GR

3. Alex Katz

I have always appreciated how Alex Katz gives really informative and sincere interviews. More recently, I look endlessly at his Night Paintings. They continually exude mystery and longing while maintaining this balance between being grounded while also being ephemeral. Katz seems to possess a strong understanding of the fleeting nature of night. – SC

4. Grandma Zablotny's quilt

It sat in her closet for “a couple of years” before the needlework got too tedious for her eyes and she passed it to me. It’s made of satin party dress scraps and looks like an abstract painting. I want to finish it one day soon. – GR

5. Walking

Walking is a meditative and physical activity that is necessary and important to experiencing the world, to thought, and to my artistic process. I have a dog who is my comrade throughout many of my journeys. – SC
Because it’s more interesting to think and observe while moving, and because I can’t stay still. – GR



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