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fast & dirty

June 06, 2013

Kristen Hutchinson is an artist, independent curator, and art historian. Jennifer Rae Forsyth is an artist and independent curator, and works in arts and heritage administration. Together they form fast & dirty, a rotating collective of artists and curators who create projects that challenge curatorial methods, including exhibitions and art events of short duration focused on unusual environments.

This hit list of commonalities forms the backbone of both their friendship and working relationship. They began putting together this list on a 6:30 am flight from Edmonton to Winnipeg and finished it in their hotel room late at night after a day of installing their latest project: fast & dirty presents: Six Degrees is currently on view at PLATFORM Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts.

1. TV marathoning

"What are you watching now?" ... "Oh yeah, I just finished that again."
TV marathoning is more than simply watching a TV show. It's about watching it again and again, and also thinking about which series we will watch next. It is about watching all the seasons of a series back to back and having them on in the background while accomplishing other tasks. This is more than a compulsion; rather, it is a continuum. We rarely engage in TV marathoning together in the same place, but we share what we are watching, analyse the shows, and exchange DVDs. Sometimes we drop in at each other's houses for a random episode or two.

2. Brainstorming

fast &dirty started when we began brainstorming about all the things we wanted to do, and the thing that happened was we never stopped. We begin a new project in the middle of one we are working on and have to work really hard to rein ourselves in or our chatter will get the better of us.

3. To Do lists

We obsessively write To Do lists all the time. We make hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly To Do lists for our collaborative work, our practices, and our personal lives. We have meetings to update and revise our To Do lists. We are currently working on a monumental five-year plan made up of multiple To Do lists. These lists help us calm the chaos.

4. Non-sequiturs

Some people call it interrupting. We call them non-sequiturs. It's like a conversational bonus. We just share more.

5. Randon pleasures

We take delight in musicals, chewy candy, graveyards, hotel upgrades, Enid Blyton, urban decay, Gowan, elastic bands, Joss Whedon, rain, pencils, the ocean, lilac trees, and John Cusack.



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