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Philippa Jones

St. John's
March 28, 2013

Philippa Jones is a St. John's-based artist born and raised in the UK. Since completing an MA in Interactive Art & Design at the University College Falmouth, her diverse art practice has included and sometimes combines printmaking, painting, pen and ink, animation, art games, and interactive installations. She is currently exhibiting her solo show MIRIAD at The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery until April 28. MIRIAD (Ministry for Intuitive Research in Imagined & Actual Discoveries) displays the findings from a series of expeditions Jones led with an exploratory team from members of the public to an "unchartered island" off of Newfoundland. Jones is represented by the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art and is an Instructor in Drawing & Design for the College of the North Atlantic.

1. Natural history collections

I grew up near Tring Natural History Museum. In crammed floor-to-ceiling mahogany cabinets, hanging from ceilings, and behind pull-open display cases are thousands of creatures collected and taxidermied in the 19th Century by Walter Rothschild. After visiting the museum I would return to my tiny home and spend most of my time outside in our overgrown garden. I would pretend I was a conservationist and collect, categorize, and create microhabitats in aquariums for the garden creatures. Usually they died. Then I would make believe I was a collector like Rothschild and fill the shelves of my room with skulls, fossils, insects, pressed plants, and the dried remains of my "saved" specimens. Not much has changed.

2. Speculative fiction

From H.P Lovecraft and short story podcasts like Drabblecast and Escape Pod to classic TV shows like The X- Files and Twin Peaks – I am never happier than when I am immersing myself in "what if?" scenarios. The darker, the better.

3. BBC Radio 4

Interesting shows, entertaining drama, and political debate – BBC Radio 4 informs me on subjects I wouldn't deliberately think to seek out, and keeps me up-to-date with global happenings when I am tidying up, drawing, or am too lazy to read a paper.

4. Swimming

Preferably in a secluded Newfoundland lake or with a snorkel in warm seas with the sun shining through the waves and some tropical fish, weird creatures, and potential predators to admire.

5. British comedy

Satirical, witty, dry, and often surreal, nothing quite hits my funny bone like The League of Gentlemen, The Mighty Boosh, Green Wing, and the too-many-to-name satirical quiz shows.



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