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Billy Mavreas

August 07, 2008
Billy Mavreas is a Greek-Canadian artist living in Montréal who has straddled various artistic communities, producing rock posters, comics, artists books, visual poetry, mail-art, installation, web art, painting, sculpture, performance and essay writing. His drawing collective, Man Drawing Salon, featuring Joe Ollmann and Todd Stewart, went public this week with an exhibition in his gallery/shop Monastiraki. In 2008, Mavreas launched his first full length graphic novel across Canada and presented his first ARC solo show. Come fall, he will be leading creative collaborative workshops at the Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore in Montréal.

1. Triumph of the Moon

Right now, I am completely smitten by Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft by Ronald Hutton. Hutton respectfully demolishes the hopeful myth that contemporary neo-pagan witchcraft in Britain rose out of an unbroken line dating back to prehistory. His attention to detail is amazing and I love how he describes the romanticization of the English countryside leading to the re-discovery of Pan and the consolidation of various goddesses into Mother Earth. Required reading for everyone into moon and nature worship. It won't shake your faith, but it will convince you why now is the time for this new “Old Religion”.

2. Greeks & Indians, Vols. 2 & 3

Greeks & Indians Volumes 2 & 3, issued by the Saraswati label from Greece = Holy something! My friend Angelos barged into my shop and demanded I copy (shh! Don't tell anyone!) these two CDs he bought. And I’m sure glad I did. Master musicians from Greece and India kick out the jams, transforming Greek folk songs into long tripped out pieces, seamlessly joining traditions - I can't tell what's chicken and what's egg. There are six CDs available to date from this ambitious project of culture bridging.

3. Saving Grace

I was charmed and subsequently healed by Saving Grace, an unpretentious and beautiful breakfast spot in Torontos' Dundas West neighbourhood. Sparse clean decor with hints of reclaimed kitsch and large love-made brekkies. I wish it was around the corner from my Montreal apartment.

4. Aqua Man hoodie

This Aqua Man hoodie screams perfection but is, alas, only a concept at this point in time. Hopefully surface dwellers the world over will one day be sporting these heroic retro tops. I need my nerd bling!


This is exactly what the internet is for! Vast, exhaustive archives of every single comic book cover known to humanity (well, at least 200, 000 covers)! Jughead from the 40's, Vampirella! The painted genius of Turok, Son Of Stone. A site like this quells the need to own all this cultural detritus! One can feast, hour upon hour, on these colourful gems. Totally, totally awesome! The word “awesome” was minted for such occasions. Oh, and there's magazines as well! It seems to never end.



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