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Scott Rogers

July 03, 2008

Scott Rogers is a visual artist, writer and facilitator based in Calgary. He is currently an artist in residence in Saskatoon at Church Basement, a residency program organized by Donna Wawzonek and Tim Dallett. When that ends, he will be preparing for a solo show at the New Gallery in Calgary and a two-person show at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's (both in September). These exhibitions will deal with architecture and its connection to everyday materials and systems of exchange/economies. Rogers is part of a group exhibition now on in Lethbridge called A Haphazard History which collects the work of four artists and one writer/historian who participated in residencies at the Gushul Studio in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. He is also a founding member of the suburban artist collective the Arbour Lake Sghool. They are currently part of an exhibition curated by Tejpal Ajji at the Art Gallery of Peel entitled Heritage Complex where they are showing an instructional video about “how to make beer” - a project which developed as an extension of the recently completed projects Suburban Barley Field, Harvest and Grow-Op.

1. Mogwai

I recently saw this half of the Scottish Guitar Army (the other half is the now defunct Arab Strap) and my previous enthusiasm for the band has been reignited. Compared to their last show in Vancouver for the Happy Songs for Happy People tour, this was much better, if only because they were having tons of fun. Stuart Braithwaite grinned and drank beer throughout the set and, during the final cacophonous song, climbed up onto the monitor and attacked his guitar with a drumstick. Kudos to them for playing older material from albums like Rock Action and the song with the crazy dinosaur scream in it.

2. Wristcutters

A critically acclaimed movie directed by Goran Dukic about suicide victims. It’s clever, a little bit dark and delivers a redemptive message without being overly saccharine. Make sure to watch for a couple odd Canadian details (cottage cheese and a weird little CN rail car amongst others).

3. Dairy Lane

I don’t think it’s the best breakfast in Calgary, but it’s pretty good. I had the Breakfast Burrito and my girlfriend had Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and asparagus. The service is great and there is a really warm, relaxed atmosphere in this small storefront. The breakfast probably tastes better just because they’re so nice! I can’t imagine anyone, EVER getting angry there.

4. Yard Sales

Because Dairy Lane is pretty popular, you have to wait around to get a table sometimes. Lucky for us, there was a great yard sale down the street! It’s over now, but I got ten books in great condition for four dollars. Titles included: On War by Clausewitz, The Koran, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, a theory reader with some good Bataille essays, and that Borges book about the mythical creatures. I could also hear Euro 2008 coverage from inside the house while I browsed which was a huge bonus. 

5. Lethbridge

I just drove down for an exhibition there last week and had a brilliant time! The scenery on the drive is stunning and the town has a great mix of rural hospitality and intellectual stimulation. It’s lovely to spend an evening getting drunk with good friends, celebrating being an artist, and appreciating the warmth that southern Alberta has to offer. Plus you might get to crash at Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller’s old pad (lucky me!). As a bonus, Arthur Erickson’s building at the University of Lethbridge is an architectural masterpiece that is worth the trip alone! Have a sandwich at the Penny or Round Street Café, check out SAAG, Trianon, and the U of L Gallery, go for a walk around the university grounds, have sushi at the Lighthouse, and then drive back to Calgary via Highway 3 and Highway 22.



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