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Amber Dailey
Student, Collaborator

June 12, 2008

Amber Dailey is a fourteen year old student in grade eight at Parkdale Public School where she is a participant in many of Darren O’Donnell and Mammalian Diving Reflex’s collaborative art projects with children. She was a DJ in Ballroom Dancing for Nuit Blanche in 2006 and will MC a performance by the school’s Senior String Ensemble with members of the Blocks Recording Club, this Tuesday at the Gladstone Hotel. As part of Parkdale Public School versus Queen Street West, a yearlong series of events bringing kids together with the creative professionals in this downtown Toronto neighbourhood, Amber also appears (along with her 646 fellow students) in the feature-length video Show and Tell. She chose to show her laptop.

1. The Hills

The Hills is supposed to be a reality TV show, but really it’s just fake. It’s kind of like Laguna Beach. The people on the show fight and argue and have disputes. It’s really interesting.

2. Bacchus Roti

Out of all the roti shops on Queen Street, I like Bacchus best because the roti skins are better. They don’t have that dry stuff inside.

3. Jamaica

I like Jamaica because the beach is nice there. I’m half Jamaican and I’ve been four times in the past six years. I have a lot of family there and stay at my mom’s place (she has a place there) or at my grampa’s. I love the fruit. If you go in July, the mangoes are ripe. My grampa has a whole field of mangoes and cocoanuts trees. The cocoanuts won’t be ripe in July.

4. Singing R&B

I do it when I’m bored at home. I play my music loud and sing along to drown out my mom’s guitar playing. I listen to rap too - Ransom, Styles P, Sheek Louch - but I don’t rap.

5. Playing Sports

I love sports. I like volleyball, basketball, and badminton. I don’t play badminton, I just like to watch and laugh at them. In grade six, I was on a community centre volleyball team and we played against a grade nine team at Parkdale Collegiate and almost beat them.



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