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The Glittertwins

January 06, 2011

The Glittertwins are the reincarnation of Anthea Black and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray as twinned trannies, united in inter-dimensional love. They performed Glitter Bike Ride in New York City and the resulting work is part of PopSex! Science, History, Culture, Art, an exhibition of contemporary reactions to Magnus Hirschfeld's Institute for Sexual Science (Berlin 1919-1933). As individual artists and cultural workers they work within artist-run culture and public spaces to queer shit up.

1. The Royal We

Time to reclaim this one from the Queen and the relational aestheticians.

2. Meet us at the Institute for Sexual Science

As artists who grew up queer in Alberta, we've inherited a legacy of censorship and controversy around sexuality in art from the early 90s, when the Conservative government nearly passed legislation to revoke funding from any arts organization that dared to show art by homosexuals. This year, as part of working on PopSex! we were introduced to the archive of sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld by Annette Timm and Michael Taylor. How incredible it was to see there are others like us in the world! Hirschfeld’s documentation of sexual life in Berlin from 1919 to 1933 represents such a depth of sexualities and genders, it still seems incredible in today’s Alberta. Photojournalist Willy Romer’s image of four Weimar-era trannies standing in front of the Institute for Sexual Science in pearls, hats and skinny ties are just the sort of sexy ne’er-do-wells that we’d like to conspire with. A century later and we’re channeling their same defiant stance.

3. Getting -ological

Who isn't looking for something deep to believe in these days? Between queer liberation theology and queer phenomenology, our collaborative brain is texting itself with flashes of inspiration way too much lately. Anthea is winter survival camping in the snow belt with the provocative and elegant writing of Sara Ahmed in Queer Phenomenology. And after haunting the halls of Union Theological Seminary during a witchy residency with the lord of gay, AA Bronson, Keith is seriously considering becoming a manwoman of the cloth.

4. The gradual disappearance of phallocracy

"There is the chance that the gradual disappearance of phallocracy, followed by a deep desire for intersexuality instigating a change in lifestyle, might possibly, by the continual breakup of sexual roles, lead to biogenetic mutations in the long term. Although such a hypothesis might seem like science fiction, it is spellbinding: it is a utopia in which our heterosexuality would no longer be moral or social, our homosexuality no longer personal and marginal, our transexuality no longer elementary and secret, since the three would connect in the same bodily place and be so melded together that we would no longer need several words to distinguish them." We couldn’t have said it better than Guy Hocquenghem from The Screwball Asses.

5. Glitter!

If you were in Central Park in late November, the residue of our first performance as the Glittertwins probably got in your shorts. Keith calls it the “ectoplasmic artifact of our movement through the realm of the living,” but hey, whatever you call it, it was fabulous. Lucky for us, obsession comes in ten-pound bags from LIT Cosmetics.



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