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Daniel Griffin Hunt, Portal, 2015-ongoing. Stretch wrap, site specific performance and installation. Courtesy of the artist.

Glimmers of the Radiant Real
Katie Bethune-Leamen, Broadbent Sisters, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Sanaz Mazinani, Sandy Plotnikoff, Mary Pratt, Cole Swanson, Catherine Telford-Keogh, Xiaojing Yan

Organized and circulated by The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Peterborough and McIntosh Gallery. Curated by Ruth Jones and Sam Mogelonsky.

January 17 – March 16, 2019
McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario

Opening Reception and Performance by Daniel Griffin Hunt:
Sunday, January 20, from 2-4pm

What happens when surfaces glitter, gleam, sparkle, and shine? In Glimmers of the Radiant Real, radiance, that quality of projected light we associate so often with the marvellous and the modern, is subverted by the relationship between the quality of a surface and what it covers, reflects, or contains. Surface is the point of contact for the body, its skin and texture and touch. The glistening, shining surfaces of works by Katie Bethune-Leamen, the Broadbent Sisters, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Sanaz Mazinani, Sandy Plotnikoff, Mary Pratt, Cole Swanson, Catherine Telford-Keogh, and Xiaojing Yan manipulate the viewer’s perception of dimension through reflections and refractions, thereby un-forming the object and making the familiar strange.

The artists and works featured in the exhibition use a variety of materials to generate these surface effects, from glass to gold, foil, plastic, and pearls. Each material has its own qualities of shine and reflection, and each combination of qualities reacts with a work’s source and subject to yield a different effect: gilded insect wings sketch a house’s morbid geography, material treatments upend expectations of form and colour, and dollar-store detritus, sunk in resin, seems to glow behind glass. For the viewer, the result is a combination of material familiarity and perceptual distortion.

In video, sculpture, painting, drawing, and installation, these works invite us to transform as they do, through interactions with surfaces that dazzle, using light to obscure or fracture the images and clarity we expect. They answer a craving for radiance, a desire to be like them, shining and seemingly limitless. They offer the promise of the object made new, but even if they speak in the same material language of the glittering and the precious, the modern, and the transcendent, they speak its opposite, too, a language of obscurity and disappearance, complicating the shining and ideal. They layer the surface substances that gloss the world we know, offering glimmers of a radiant reality where light becomes, not truth illuminated, but something else.

Opening Reception and Performance by Daniel Griffin Hunt:
Sunday, January 20, from 2-4pm

An opening reception for Glimmers of the Radiant Real will be held on Sunday, January 20, between 2 and 4pm at McIntosh Gallery. Artist Daniel Griffin Hunt will be present to stage his durational performance Portal in the wooded area near the gallery leading up to the opening event.

Through his performance of Portal, Daniel Griffin Hunt seeks to mediate a conversation between ecological awareness, commerce, and the politics in the middle. Portal calls attention to the discrepancy between labour, the global circulation of objects, and the conflicting economic and ecological implications of wrapping, shipping and moving cargo with thermo-polymer-plastic film.

Broadbent Sisters, Midnight Forms, 2017. Short film. Image courtesy of the artists.

For more information about the artists, events and the exhibition tour, please visit or follow the exhibition on Instagram @radiantreal.

For more information about McIntosh Gallery and its iteration of Glimmers of the Radiant Real, contact Abby Vincent, Communications and Outreach Coordinator,, 519.661.2111 ext. 87576

McIntosh Gallery
1151 Richmond Street N.,
London, ON, N6A 3K7
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @McIntoshGallery

McIntosh Gallery offers free admission to all exhibitions
Monday to Friday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 12 PM - 4 PM
We regret that McIntosh Gallery is not accessible.






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