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Call for Submissions

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Submission deadline / Date limite de soumission: May 1, 2018 / le 1 mai 2018

Following is a brief outline of each session from our Call for Papers. For the complete listing and contact information please go to

Voici un bref aperçu de chaque session de notre appel à communications. Pour la liste complète et les coordonnées, veuillez consulter leès


1. Crossing the Line: Drawing across Borders and Discourses
Jessica Wyman | Dan Adler
OCAD University | York University

2. Revisiting Geographic Boundaries in the History(ies)/Classifications of Art
Johnny Alam
Independent Artist, Scholar, and Curator

3. Reimagining Land and Place: A Roundtable – A Talking Circle
Lorraine Albert | Carrie Allison

4. Fashioning Resistance
Johanna Amos
Queen's University

5. What Has Theory Done for You Lately?: A Multi-Field Discussion
Angela Andersen
University of Victoria

6. Living Things: Considering the Organic Materialism of Art and Culture
Siobhan Angus | Vanessa Nicholas
York University | York University

7. Performing Posture: Spatial Disruption in the Arts
Melissa Berry | Magdalyn Asimakis
University of Victoria | Queen’s University

8. Reconciliation through Cross-Cultural Collaboration
Noor Bhangu
University of Winnipeg

9. Memory of Making: Reconciling Indigenous Arts/Artists
Lisa Binkley
Memorial University of Newfoundland

10. Transgressive Geographies: Radical Spatial Strategies in Aesthetics
Greg Blair
Northern State University

11. Art in Winnipeg / Treaty One Territory 1900-1960
Olivar Botar
University of Manitoba

12. Art or Memorial? One Hundred Years of First World War Sculpture
Laura Brandon | Joan Coutu
Carleton University | University of Waterloo

13. Displacement and the Arts
Noa Bronstein
Mississauga Museums

14. Collaboration as Pedagogy in Teaching Canadian Art Histories
Elizabeth Anne Cavaliere
Concordia University

Ersy Contogouris | Marie-Ève Marchand
Université de Montréal | Concordia University

16. Against Prototyping: Prefigurative Foundations in Graphic Design Pedagogy
Patricio Davila

17. Artistic Research Revealed
Christine D'Onofrio
University of British Columbia

18. The Body in Byzantine Art
Tracey Eckersley | Debra Foran
Kentucky College of Art + Design | Wilfrid Laurier University

19. Cultural Translation in Diaspora
Soheila Kolahdouz Esfahani
University of Waterloo

20. The Art of Visualizing Others: Panel on Early Modern Cultural Encounters
Adrienne Fast | Heather Muckart
The Reach Gallery Museum | University of British Columbia

21. Translating Ink: How Printmaking Can Bridge Language Barriers
Nicole Foran
Middle Tennessee State University

22. The art exhibition as a discursive practice: towards a performative understanding of curatorial studies
Marie Fraser | Renata Azevedo Moreira
Université du Québec à Montréal | Université de Montréal

23. Making (Eco)logical: Locating Cultural Production in the Environmental Humanities
Amanda White | Elysia French
Queen’s University | York University

24. Visualizing Violence
Anuradha Gobin
University of Calgary

25. Art Epistemology
Ido Govrin
Western University

26. Dada, Surrealism and Autotheory
Julian Jason Haladyn | Katie Connell
OCAD University | York University

27. Paragon of Democracy or Agent Provocateur? Public Art Controversies in Canada
Analays Alvarez Hernandez
Independent Scholar

28. Buttoned and Beaded, Beribboned and Laced – The Making and Meaning of Early Modern Clothing Embellishment
Sally Hickson
University of Guelph

29. Ambivalence, Affect, Autonomy, In|Action: Art in Negotiation of Mixed Feelings
Alexandria Inkster
Independent Scholar

30. The Global Work of the Prestige Exhibition
Lynda Jessup | Sarah E.K. Smith
Queen’s University | Carleton University

31. Art History Pedagogy Caucus: Diversity and the Art History Curriculum
Anne Dymond | Andrea Korda
University of Lethbridge | University of Alberta

32. Archive Fever
Anne Koval
Mount Allison University

33. Canadian Computer Art: The Early Years, 1965-1980
Adam Lauder | Mark Hayward
York University | York University

34. Tactical Actions for the “Mainly White Room”
Carmela Laganse | Taien Ng-Chan
McMaster University | York University

35. Meaning Making from a Materialist Position: Metaphor and Cultural Production
Katie Lawson
University of Toronto

36. Where Have They Gone? The State of “Asian-ness” in Canada’s Contemporary Art Scene
Yang Lim
Independent Scholar

37. Performing art criticism: new (materialist) research methods for contemporary art
Shana MacDonald
University of Waterloo

38. Regional Histories of Photography: Filling in the Blanks
Michelle Macleod
Concordia University

39. &yet&yet&yet
Robin Alex McDonald
Queen's University

40. Let's Talk about Religion and Contemporary Art
Sally McKay
McMaster University / Independent

41. Roundtable: Research-Creation Conversations, Questions, and Ideas
Stéphanie McKnight (Stéfy)
Queen’s University

42. New Directions in Ecocritical Art and History
Karla McManus
Ryerson University

43. Art, Sports and the Making of Imagined National Identities
Jaclyn Meloche
Art Gallery of Windsor

44. Making a Spectacle: Art, Activism and Gender
Martina Meyer | Susan Douglas
University of Guelph | University of Guelph

45. Negotiating political alternatives and contradictions of art in socialist Yugoslavia
Katja Praznik
University at Buffalo

46. Bringing New Voices to Canadian Design Studies
Isabel Prochner | Christopher Moore
Concordia University | Concordia University

47. Panel Discussion: People, Objects, and Power
Samantha Purvis-Johnston | Dylan Dammermann
Woodstock Art Gallery (Woodstock, ON) and Independent Scholars

48. Round Table: Transformation of the Artist's Studio
Barbara Rauch
OCAD University

49. Unflattering Self-Portraits
Charles Reeve
OCAD University

50. Radical Museums? Challenging Museums in the Current Moment
Kirsty Robertson
Western University

51. Latin American Art: New Perspectives
Alena Robin | Dot Tuer
Western University | OCAD University

52. Critical Pedagogy, Visual Culture and the Contemporary Moment: new classroom challenges in teaching the politics of representation
Lee Rodney
University of Windsor

53. Narratives on Walls, Borders, and Boundaries: a creative practice
Nurgul Rodriguez
Independent artist

54. Writing Visual Culture: poetic, performative, sensory and autoethnographic approaches
Brian Rusted
University of Calgary

55. Interrogations on the “Intimate” in Settler-Colonial Art Histories
Manon Gaudet | Danielle Siemens
Independent Scholars

56. Mass Mobilization: Gesture and Embodiment in Movement-based Practices
Erin Silver
University of British Columbia

57. “HECAA Open Session” (Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture)
Christina Smylitopoulos
University of Guelph

58. Artifice and Mimesis: Optical Illusions and the History of Vision
Justina Spencer
Carleton University

59. Surrealism and Photography: New Perspectives
Naomi Stewart
University of Edinburgh

60. Data-driven Issues of Representation
Felicity Tayler | Corina MacDonald
University of Toronto | Concordia University

61. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention: Art and the politics of data
Ryan Stec | Jessica Thompson
Carleton University | University of Waterloo

62. Preserving the Ephemeral? Issues with preservation of Performance & Ephemeral Art
Bojana Videkanic | Ruth del Fresno Guillem
University of Waterloo | Independent Scholar

63. The Conceptual Body: Representation, Presence and Absence in Contemporary Painting
Lisa Wood
Brandon University

64. Jargon Support Group
Danica Evering
Humber Galleries

65. Art as Information: Diagrams, Maps, and Charts
Jakub Zdebik
University of Ottawa

66/67. Séance double / Double Session : Développement des savoirs et technologies numériques / Expanding Art History in the Digital Age

Partie I : Histoires de l’art et humanités numériques / Part I : Art Histories and Digital Humanities
Dominic Hardy | Edith-Anne Pageot
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) | Équipe de recherche en histoire de l’art au Québec (ERHAQ)

Partie II : Collections numériques et corpus très étendus / Part II : Digital collections and large corpuses
Rachel Harris | Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande
McGill University | Concordia University

68. Open Session
Benedict Fullalove

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