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From this window – Inside
Roberley Bell

September 20, 2017 – December 18, 2017

The window as a venue is of interest to Bell for both its architectural and symbolic reference. She wakes each day, no matter to where she is in the world, and the view from her window frames her day contextualizing a sense of place. Her project, from this window – inside, is positioned between the inside and the outside, the natural and the man made.

Expanding on her Still Life series, the project creates an installation that brings together elements of the domestic environment, wallpaper, and lush carpet as the back drop for one of her sculptures, Still life #20. The floral wallpaper and grassy green carpet suggest the exterior world- the world beyond the window frame. The still life sculpture which accompanies the domestic elements reflects the ongoing investigation of her studio practice which probes the boundary between color and form. Her still life sculptures are subtle works, their intimate scale combined with the process of making present a palpable spontaneity— a quirky liveliness, yet embedded in the formal language of spatial composition. Bold color, contrasting texture and distinctive form are the dominate features in the work. Together these elements create installations that straddle the space between representation and abstraction.


Roberley Bell spent her childhood in Latin America and Southeast Asia, before returning to the United States to attend the University of Massachusetts and State University of New York at Alfred from where she holds an MFA. Bell is the recipient of many grants and fellowships including the New York Foundation for the Arts, a Pollock Krasner Fellowship, a summer Fulbright to the Netherlands and a 2010 Senior Scholar Fulbright to Turkey. Bell's Fulbright topic, the City as the Site of Intervention resulted in a series of projects in public spaces. In 2012 she received a Fellowships from the Turkish Cultural Foundation and Dave Bowen Projects. Bell has received several residency awards both nationally and internationally. Including a residency to the Stadt Kunstlerhaus in Salzburg Austria and a Studio fellowship from the international Studio Program in NY. Bell's work has been exhibited in one person and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally including, many art fairs. Bell has completed public projects in Cambridge, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Kaliningrad Russia and Istanbul, Turkey. She lives in a rural community in Upstate New York and teaches in the School of Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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