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Adam Colangelo, Fjords Series No. 2

Workman Collective: Unified Vision

Workman Collective / Kelly McCray

Adam Colangelo, Joseph Sampson, Michael Toole

FCP Gallery
100 King St. West, Toronto
Gallery hours: 11:30-2:30, Monday-Friday*
*Please call the FCP Events Office at 416-862-6290 to ensure that the exhibition is available for viewing.

Monday Nov. 27th – Friday, February 2, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 7, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Now in its eighth year, the Workman Collective, comprised of Adam Colangelo, Joseph Sampson and Michael Toole, continues to function as a group of unique mid-career contemporary Canadian artists emphasizing themes of nature, abstraction and Canadiana through the juxtaposition of each of the artists preferred media.

Joseph Sampson, Early Evening

Adam Colangelo’s large-scale compositions speak to his understanding of copper and his interests in challenging the way we view two-dimensional art. His methodical and labor-intensive process employs diverse techniques such as patinas and finishes that convey rich, earthly abstractions oscillating with undulating luminosity.

Colangelo’s signature design elements present a fusion between the geometric and organic. His living, breathing landscapes include visual references to the world, while being rooted in grid-like abstraction. His unique process is a nod to an existentialist belief that, like the artist’s self-discovered style, we are free to determine our own relationship to the external world.

Joseph Sampson graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1995 with a specialization in illustration from the commercial design department. He now focuses on his full time painting career. Sampson’s portfolio is comprised of a variety of scenic imagery, and is currently focused on waterscapes. Drawn to shorelines, beaches, lakes, oceans and streams, the artist uses the imagery of water to depict the dichotomy between movement and immobility. An innate comprehension of light’s ability to create color, shadow and tone is utilized to establish the mood in each painting. Whether the focus is cold, warm, tranquil or turbulent, the viewer is drawn to the magnificence of the ever-changing surface. From a distance, we are drawn towards what appears to be a photograph. Upon closer inspection, observers are made aware of the meticulous layers of brushwork, resulting in the illusion that the viewer is, for an instant, standing at the waters’ edge.

Michael Toole currently resides in Gravenhurst, Ontario and is an active member within his community. Throughout his youth, Michael had strong artistic influences from his parents and tends to look for new and inventive ways to present his art. Whether he is combining different exposures or entirely different photographs to create a single compelling piece of art, his work continues to evolve. He is never satisfied with the act of simply recording information with the camera but is always searching for different methods of creating and presenting images so as to challenge both himself and the viewer. His images are presented on board with resin and encaustic, or on di-bond, acrylic, or paper behind glass. He has won numerous awards and continues to show his work in Toronto, Muskoka, New York City, Miami, and Ottawa. His pieces are part of several private and corporate collections. Custom and commissioned work is available upon request.

For more information please contact the Workman Collective at or visit

Michael Toole, Geometry





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