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Grier Drummond Installation Detail at PD7

Portfolio Day 8 Fundraiser

Join us on Portfolio Day - Friday, November 3, 7-10pm

Support our brilliant youth!

85 grade 12 students from Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto, Canada, will spend Friday November 3rd speaking with more than 100 representatives from 70 post-secondary schools and programs from around the world. To pay for this enormous undertaking, the most ambitious event in our history, we need your assistance.

Please help us launch the careers of dozens of brilliant creatives who will transform our culture and our planet!

We are the Contemporary Art, Photography, and Film departments at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We have worked incredibly hard for the past seven years to build something thousands of people are very proud of - something widely considered to be the best in the world. We are asking for your help because we have exceeded our ability to support our students' phenomenal growth.

Every year we host representatives from art schools across the globe that fly in from Hong Kong, Scotland, France and the USA to recruit our students. Reps and students engage in meaningful conversations during which work is critiqued and relationships are formed that assist throughout the application process. Students will apply to as many as 20 programs in the coming months to pursue the best opportunities.

Portfolio Day at ESA is the culmination of years of focused effort. PD7 included 110 representatives from 64 post-secondary schools and programs from 3 continents and 5 countries, and resulted in millions of dollars in scholarship offers. A single student, Reed Hollett, managed to attract more than one million dollars in scholarships and is now in Hong Kong at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Julianna Ham at PD7

PD8 is even larger. In 2014 we had 55 participating students, in 2015 we had 71 students, in 2016 we had 75 student participants, and this year we have more than 85 students in PD8. As prices of materials rise and more people join our program to exceed their potential, we struggle to meet demand as our budgets do not increase. In order to make PD8 function we need your help.

We are planning to raise $25000 with this campaign. With that money we will be able to pay for the extraordinary work under way by our grade 12's, and support the much larger group of grade 11 students already planning for PD9, which should see 95 participants with between 25 and 50 works each. That means we will pay for and exhibit 2500+ pieces in a show that lasts for one day. Some things are inexpensive to make and others require outside assistance. At even a low estimate of $50 per work we are running into amounts far surpassing the total we seek. By equipping our students with the materials they require, we are proving what young people are capable of to viewers all around the world. Help us to reveal this underutilised source of vibrancy and knowledge.

One reason for making such large and elaborate art works is the translation to scholarships and artistic opportunities. Even with the most significant offers, most of our grade 12 students are unable to afford international programs, and so we do everything we can to secure the funding to make their dreams come true. In the 7 years of Portfolio Day at ESA we have received approximately twenty five million dollars in total scholarship offers, none of which, unfortunately, is passed on to the program.

By taking on responsibility for all of these futures we are also helping to shape aspects of our world. PD7 reached a level of complexity and scale that exceeded our limits. With PD8 larger in every way, and PD9 promising to be larger again, with an almost doubling of the number of participants in just a few years, we are accepting a responsibility that will require the support of a much larger community - one in which you can play a valuable role.

All of the money raised will go to support PD8 and PD9. Your contribution will allow us to re-imagine what is possible by teenagers.

We hope you will attend PD8 when it opens to the public at 7pm on Friday November 3rd, 2017.

You can support us by contributing to this campaign, by spreading the world about our fundraising efforts, and by following us on Instagram at esa_contemporary_art + esa__contemporary_photography + esa_film

Tax Receipts will be issued for all donations over $25

Thank you!!!

Reed Hollett at PD7

Please share this campaign and let as many people as possible know that the future of dozens of creative minds (and the entire world) will be positively and significantly altered by their support

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For information please contact Matthew Varey at or 416 892 1945

Instagram: @esa_contemporary_art + @esa_contemporary_photography + @esa_film

Etobicoke School of the Arts is Partially Accessible to those with disabilities.

Photos by Jimmy Limit





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