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Marina Gioti, The Secret School (2009), digital video (11 min), Documenta 14, Kassel.

The Aftermath of documenta 14

Another iteration of Documenta has come to a close, but the controversy continues. In response to media criticism of the event both the organizers and artists of documenta 14 have issued open letters to the media, which we've re-published in solidarity on ArtsEverywhere. Throughout the summer we've also been publishing reflections on Documenta's presence in Athens by members of the Capacete artist residency. The latest piece by Nikos Doulos and Gian Spina entitled "On Pedagogical Turns and the Use of Time" asks: "what are the consequences and deployments of a non-western-neoliberal [pedagogical project] inside of a neoliberal western environment such as the art world? Are we really willing to deconstruct hierarchies, accepting and embracing this notorious knowledge outside of this status-quo, or are we just using this in-vogue-commodity in order to gain recognition?"


Wood Land School at Documenta

As part of the programming for documenta 14 in Germany, artists Duane Linklater, Tanya Lukin Linklater, and cheyanne turions from the Wood Land School installed an exhibition of Indigenous art called "Kahatènhston tsi na'tetiátere ne lotohrkó:wa tánon", and held a conversation about the intentions of the Wood Land School project. After the event, journalist Aïcha Diallo interviewed Duane Linklater about pedagogy, cultural expressions, and the centering of indigeneity.

Next in the series on Documenta in Athens is a reflection on the feminist activism of Bolivian artist Maria Galindo. Stay tuned to, or subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter!


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