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Dick Averns
Paper Trails at Avalanche
December 10, 2013

It didn't take long for Avalanche to relocate after losing their former venue to the summer solstice floods, and directors Nate McLeod and Cassandra Paul continue to make a lot out of a little. Their new, lower level, intimate gallery adjoins a small concourse exhibition space that also features both a sales area for books and regional catalogues plus a cozy bar for their regular events. Currently on display, the group exhibition Paper Trails features prints by artists from Avalanche's first year of programming including works by Jesse Stillwell, Matthew Mark and Lindsay Wells, Bodgan Cheta, Henry Gunderson, Jeremy Pavka and Karly Mortimer, Kuh Del Rosario and Sarah Van Sloten, and Ryan Scott.

Kyle Beal

The gallery's history of supporting limited edition prints as adjuncts to each of their shows is a worthy project. It enables a value-added extra for exhibitors and viewers, and also builds an archive. If you're thinking it sounds all too commercial then Kyle Beal has already preempted that with his text-based work concluding that this "feels like another edition of the same old same old and sorry to say my friend, I'm just not buying it." Yet several people have: about twenty prints in total have been sold. The works are affordable and well presented (kudos to Jarvis Hall for underwriting the framing).

With other small-scale galleries such as 809 and Haight having now shuttered, independent venues that program contemporary art by emerging practitioners, whilst also offering a commercial angle, are not to be overlooked. With the Untitled Art Society's Satellite Gallery on the main floor and Emmedia next door, there are plenty of reasons to pay a visit. Might I suggest the Paper Trails closing party on Friday December 20th?

Avalanche Gallery:
Paper Trails continues until December 21.

Dick Averns is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose exhibitions and performances have been presented internationally. He teaches at the Alberta College of Art + Design, and his writing has appeared in Canadian Art, Front, On Site Review, and many catalogues. He is Akimblog's Calgary correspondent and can be followed @DickAverns on Twitter.



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Posted by Sarah V.S. , on 2014-01-23 14:30:08
Thanks, Dick!

Posted by Jesse Stilwell, on 2013-12-17 18:16:10
Wonderfully written article Dick! As always you are a true champion for the underrated and DIY scene in Calgary. As well as a multi-talented man yourself.

best wishes.