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Cliff Eyland
June 03, 2008
Winnipeg’s connection with Iceland is historical, having to do with the so-called “New Icelanders” who immigrated to Gimli, Manitoba over one hundred years ago. What makes a connection possible within the art world today, however, is the internationalism of Icelandic art. These leanings often incorporate references to traditional Icelandic things, but always with a contemporary, often sardonic perspective. Any artist who would attempt to address their ethnic traditions in contemporary art could learn something from the typical Icelandic contemporary artist.

Steingrimur Eyfjörd, who represented
Iceland at the 2007 Venice Biennial, getting his picture taken in front of a Viking mural in Gimli, Manitoba.

Icelandic-ness is becoming a permanent feature of Winnipeg contemporary art. It helps that there is an Icelandic consul and an Icelandic university department in Winnipeg, and it also helps that, because they learn about Gimli in grade school, Icelandic artists want to come here.

Artist Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir  and curator Hannes Lárusson installing Audition at aceartinc.

Aceartinc's Audition is a multimedia exhibition of work, much of it made in Winnipeg with volunteers, by Icelanders Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir and Kristen Ómarsdóttir and curated by Hannes Lárusson. The artists' initial request that feral cats inhabit the gallery made their Winnipeg hosts quickly realize that no feral cats survive Winnipeg winters. Cats or no cats, the show is a must-see.

Following the recent Nuna Now festival and the opening of Audition, visiting Icelanders and Canadian hangers-on like me gathered for a retreat at Hecla Island in Manitoba, during which all things Icelandic were mulled over, including why it is still possible to present a lecture in Icelandic to a packed audience in Gimli(!) and what it might mean to be an “Icelandic Canadian” when many contemporary artists would rather not be associated with a specific nationality.

Kent Monkman, The Trapper's Bride, 2006, acrylic on canvas

Kent Monkman is bringing some two-spirited energy to Winnipeg this summer. His show The Triumph of Mischief will have a public opening on Thursday at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The exhibition was put together by MOCCA Director David Liss and Shirley Madill, Director of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Monkman is a Manitoba-born Cree/Irish artist who makes art in many media, but with an emphasis on nineteenth century French and Hudson River painting. Much else is thrown into the mix, including shout-outs to movie westerns and disco transvestites.

Rita McKeough's installation at Plug In ICA, part of Informal Architectures

Plug In’s group exhibition Informal Architectures continues until the end of the month. The show includes Rita McKeough, who has a long history of work that redefines domestic spaces as cauldrons of violence. As Gallery Director Anthony Kiendl writes in the exhibition text: “Informal Architectures is about structures that control people, of which architecture is often the applied edge.”

Eduardo Aquino, Karen Shanski and Ken Gregory's
Quebec project under construction

Several Winnipeg artists are participating in Quebec City's 400th anniversary celebrations this summer. Dominique Rey, Vanessa Rigaux and William Eakin are doing a performance and architect/artists Eduardo Aquino and Karen Shanski - as spmb_projects - along with guest artist and hacker whiz Ken Gregory, are constructing Plage-Prairie-Québec as "a dialogue between landscapes." According to Aquino, “Plage-Prairie creates a counterpoint to the typical garden experience – not a garden that shows itself, but a garden that provokes an experience – a space for meeting, gathering, observation, and introspection, but above all a place for encounter."

Also in local news, senior painter Ivan Eyre received an honorary degree from his Winnipeg alma mater just as his work was fetching record-breaking prices at Sotheby’s in Toronto. Sarah Anne Johnson’s recent $50,000 Grange prize has not gone to her head; she’s bought a beach house with the proceeds. And Daniel Barrow has been short-listed for the Sobey’s prize from a local list that included Paul Butler and Theo Sims. I want him to win, but can Barrow, Winnipeg’s crown prince of abjection, snatch the prize from Terence Koh, planet earth's crown prince of art? I say yes!

Cliff Eyland is a Winnipeg artist.

Audition continues until June 7.

Winnipeg Art Gallery:
Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief continues until August 17.

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art:
Informal Architectures continues until June 28.



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