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Kim Neudorf
2014 Critic's Picks
December 16, 2014

First on my yearend list for 2014 is Forest City Gallery’s November series of events All That Glitters: A Month of Queer Art, Film and Music. Screenings included Chelsea McMullan’s My Prairie Home (featuring Rae Spoon) with a lecture by London artist Jamie Q, Sally Potter’s Orlando from 1992 (triggering my own nostalgic teenage intro to the glorious androgyny of Tilda Swinton) explored by Western Professor of Women’s Studies Wendy Pearson, Lawrence Brose’s De Profundis presented by Scott Miller Berry, and a collection of works by Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue accompanied by talks by the artists. The events ended with Queer Hear Here, a night of music curated by GENERAL POPULATION (Gen Pop), and an intimate gathering and conversation with Mitchell and Logue on radical politics and alternative space, hosted by London Ontario Media Arts Association (LOMAA) on a drizzling and grey Saturday afternoon. In addition to (re)introducing the work and research of queer artists Jamie Q, Allyson Mitchell, and Deirdre Logue, the month-long event brought together London’s community of artists, students, teachers, musicians, activists, and radical queers to talk about and share queer perspectives and experiences.

Liza Eurich with Juliane Foronda

At this same time last year I mentioned London’s newest gallery DNA Artspace and its pre-inaugural group show No Boys With Frogs, which featured site-specific work directly responding to the gallery’s then-unfinished two floors of multiple rooms, corridors, and otherwise peripheral zones of interest. From August to September, Tegan Moore and Barbara Hobot exhibited their graduate thesis work from Western’s MFA program, engaging DNA’s newly renovated space with subtle and inventive architectural mimicry. Currently on view is a large (and growing) collection of postcards produced by artists in collaboration. Particular favorites include Jason McLean with Etienne Zack, Liza Eurich with Juliane Foronda, Sky Glabush with David Merritt, and Hilary Bowman with Luke Maddaford.

Another highlight from this year includes Border Cultures: Part Two (work, labour) curated by Srimoyee Mitra at the Art Gallery of Windsor. After attending an in-gallery conversation with participating artists Shaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran from C.A.M.P and Phillip Hoffman, I spent most of my visit with C.A.M.P.’s 79-minute film From Gulf To Gulf To Gulf, part of their ongoing project The Boat Modes, which includes exchanged video footage between the artists and sailors traveling from India to Sharjah (UAE), Iran, and Somalia. Anand and Sukumaran’s words combine in my memory with the film, layering “monstrous forms passing through a more fluid landscape” with found video and music clips amidst the mundane rituals and alarming plights of sailboats in constantly shifting weather.

Kim Neudorf is an artist and writer currently living in London, Ontario. Her paintings have shown widely in Alberta and at Susan Hobbs Gallery in Toronto. She has contributed writing most recently to Susan Hobbs Gallery, Cooper Cole Gallery, Forest City Gallery, and Evans Contemporary Gallery. She is Akimbo's London correspondent and can be followed @KimNeudorf on Twitter.



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