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Stephanie Vegh
Dagmara Genda & Bruce Montcombroux at Hamilton Artists Inc.
February 26, 2013

No Overnight Camping at Hamilton Artists Inc. brings together two Saskatoon-based artists, Dagmara Genda and Bruce Montcombroux, who share in a seamless adaptation of found materials as subtle players in their overwhelmingly accomplished creations. From Genda's virtuoso drawings to Montcombroux's floating sculptural worlds, both artists forage in the realm of the manufactured to strike out new definitions of wilderness.

Genda's Corrupted Animals series is an explosion of drawing and collage that resists any easy untangling of its aggressively fused parts. Rather, the viewer's eye is endlessly ensnared – joining the cosmologies of bestial eyeballs that swirl through one composition. Linear ribbons of drawing that take on transformative shifts as tree bark, fur, and Hiroshige-esque waves of water provide a slippery path through this wilderness. Sometimes the trail leads to moments of humour, such as a moose impossibly stuck in a camper trailer, but more often than not these fragmented animals are made perverse by their punctured states and absorbed into monstrous architectures destabilized by thunderous bursts of ink.

Bruce Montcombroux, The New Babylon Satellites: I-V, mixed media, plastic model parts, 3D printing.

Like makeshift vessels enacting their escape from these maelstroms, Bruce Montcombroux's The New Babylon Satellites: I-V hover in suspension from the gallery ceiling and bristle with plastic filaments evocative of nautical rigging. The ramshackle habitats built on the moss of these prismatic meteors are suggestive of bare survival despite their giddy colours and precious proportions. Whether sanctuaries or playgrounds, Montcombroux's sculptures together with Genda's drawings are impeccably controlled expressions of the uncontrollable consequences of human forays into the wild.

Hamilton Artists Inc.:
No Overnight Camping continues until March 31.

Stephanie Vegh is a Hamilton-based visual artist and writer whose criticism has appeared in Scotland's Map Magazine, Canadian Art, C Magazine, and Hamilton Arts & Letters, in addition to her own blog. Her drawings and installations have shown most recently at the upArt Contemporary Art Fair and Nathaniel Hughson Gallery in Hamilton. She is the Executive Director of the Hamilton Arts Council and a member of the Curatorial Committee for Hamilton's annual Supercrawl. She is also Akimblog's Hamilton correspondent and can be followed @Stephanie_Vegh on Twitter.



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