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Gil McElroy
GIL MCELROY in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Peterborough 03/20/12
March 20, 2012

Any day I get to see the sculpture of John McEwen is a good day. He’s one of the artists in Animal, a group show curated by Corinna Ghaznavi and circulated by Museum London that recently opened at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa. It’s a complex amalgam of work and ideas that also includes art by Lyndal Osborne, Tom Dean, Dagmar Dahle, Lois Andison, Ken Bass, Rebecca Diederichs, Arnaud Maggs, Su Rynard, and An Whitlock.

John McEwan, Shunt (X) (detail)
McEwen’s piece is the first one encounters on entering the McLaughlin: positioned near the front door in plain view is the spine-tingling Shunt (X). It’s a sculpture in two parts; the most prominent of which is an enormous skull composed of McEwen’s trademark tiny metal stars welded together to make a sculptural whole, resting on a star-constructed wheeled cart situated next to a similarly constructed two-part open box in which a series of gold fluorescent lights flicker on and off in sequence. Now, there are of course myriad readings to the work, but first in my mind is the very real and (to me) very amazing fact that we – all living things – are literally made of the stuff of stars, of elements cooked up in stellar furnaces. It can be a point of aesthetic departure, yes? McEwen gets me started.

Lyndal Osborne, Darwin & the Arc of Time: From Barnacles to Volcanoes (installation detail), 2010

Animal comprises a lot of top-notch work; unfortunately it’s a bit crammed into the exhibition spaces and not given enough proverbial elbow room. Years ago I saw and much liked An Whitlock’s plaster crows heads that make up Crow(d), and was pleased to see them included here, emerging black from white gallery walls in various states of  response. Lyndal Osborne’s complex installation Darwin & the Arc of Time: From Barnacles to Volcanoes, an intricate scientific curiosity shop of laboratory beakers and tubes, pieces of rock, and a wild variety of shells, eggs, coral, and the like asks much of my attention (which is compromised by the truly overwhelming amount of aesthetic activity in the gallery). Like Tom Dean’s bronze wild dogs striding across the floor or Dagmar Dahle’s Rare-Common-Extinct, an installation of airy white slip-cast ceramic forms articulating the shapes of myriad species of birds and the like, it’s too much. Or is it? Could all this aesthetic overload be part of the point of Animal as it speaks to and of the profound and mind-boggling fecundity of the natural world? Of, well, “the animal”?

Sean McQuay, Lingeresque (installation detail)

I’ve never been a big fan of Sean McQuay’s landscapes or his more conceptually oriented painting, and examples of both were a part of his solo exhibition Lingeresque at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington in Bowmanville. I found this show rather unfocussed overall, as if he was trying to cover all the bases (painting, sculpture, video) in shaping something of a retrospective and not really succeeding. There is a big “but” in all of this, though, for McQuay includes a suite of six more recent, apparently untitled sculptural lightboxes that just by themselves make the exhibition worthwhile. They’re small things, really, each composed of ten square wooden frames aligned to form a long box. Each frame holds a transparency and each box is individually illuminated from behind. To look, you have to sit on a small stool in front of each. One depicts a layered image of planets – all in a deep line receding into the distance – backed by the solar disk that doubles as the piece’s light source. Another layers single uppercase letters atop one another (an effect McQuay did in an earlier painting also exhibited here), the semantic meaning of the word(s) it might spell out swallowed up in the murky depths of the piece. And still another layers multiple transparencies of a single image of a dense tangle of tree branches to create the effect of a hedge viewed from one end disappearing off into the distance. Simple, yet quietly effective, and really quite compelling.

Diane Gougeon, Pffuit! (installation detail) (photo: Esther Vincent)

At Artspace in Peterborough, Montreal-based artist Diane Gougeon has mounted a time-based installation titled Pffuit! made up of a number of helium-filled balloons floating midway to the ceiling but held in check by long strings on which are clipped small round lead sinkers (as used by recreational fishers). The sinkers are attached at discrete, measured lengths along the lines so as to create natural points for the balloons to sink to as they slowly lose their helium. As each balloon sinks individually, a multi-layered array results.

It’s quite beautiful. The sinkers attached to the hanging strings create points of aesthetic tension throughout the space, as if visually articulating a cosmology of knots of space-time. That’s one reading out of a possible myriad, but Gougeon is intent on directing our conceptualization for each balloon has as text the oft-quoted words by 20th Century economist John Maynard Keynes: “In the long run, we are all dead.” They’re words that may be meant to link the installation to the world economic crisis, but I wonder how many people who read them know their original context, and instead see a depressingly conceptual evocation of death. Fair enough, I supposed, but I choose to ignore them, preferring to take in a really rather good aesthetic intervention into a particular space at a particular time.

Inaugural Triennial Exhibition, installation view including Anne-Marie Kornachuk, Leaving Eden: Vertigo (photo: Robert Rayfield)
Over at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, they’ve just opened their Inaugural Triennial Exhibition, focusing on Peterborough-area artists. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that, of course, if this show is at all representative of what’s happening aesthetically in the area, a heck of a lot of artists are working two-dimensionally. There are a lot of paintings and drawings here. So, as a minority-report kind of person, I’ll focus on some of the things – that is, the objects – in the show, like Brad Copping’s work. You could call him a glass artist, but that doesn’t really do justice to what he’s up to. Copping has two works included here, one of which is a wall-mounted piece entitled Level Conversation. It’s by no means a recent work, but still good to see. Two clear drinking glasses affixed to the wall at slightly different heights are connected with one another by a long clear tube the sags down to the floor and is filled with water. There’s water in the glasses as well, more in the slightly lower one, but the top of which is even with the water in the slightly higher glass. It’s a level, of course, a version of a working tool elegantly and simply reimagined. Kudos.

There are a couple of ceramic sculptures by Clair Hogenkamp, an artist I don’t know but whose stuff is intriguing in its negation of the medium-specific functionality that clings so fastly to clay. Nesting Fossil comprises a plate on which rest three nested porcelain vessels all of which are broken. From a broken cup laying on its side, the titular fossil has spilled out onto the plate, metaphorical evidence of any number of things, but perhaps primarily of the dissolution of the idea of the vessel. Leaning Lid reiterates such thematic brokenness with two porcelain vessels stacked one atop the other, the uppermost with most of one side of the container broken away and its lid on its side contained within.

Lastly, however, there’s this painting. Okay, so I’m violating my own injunction and talking about something from the majority end of the aesthetic spectrum, but it needs saying. It’s an oil and gold leaf on canvas piece by Anne-Marie Kornachuk entitled Leaving Eden: Vertigo and it representationally depicts the image of a fallen horse, shown either just as the fall has occurred or maybe as just as it is set to righting itself again. Kornachuk has breathtakingly caught the fear in the horse’s eyes and all the muscular tension of a powerful creature in distress. Visually isolated from any context, tightly focused, and beautifully rendered, there’s much to see, here – much to learn from the animal, from (to borrow from the poet Michael McClure) the meat that we are.

Gil McElroy is a poet, artist, independent curator, and freelance art critic. Author of Gravity & Grace: Selected Writing on Contemporary Canadian Art, four books of poetry, and the forthcoming Cold Comfort: Growing Up Cold War, he is currently collaborating with artist Peter Dykhuis on a series of exhibitions based on abandoned military installations in Canada. McElroy lives in Colborne, Ontario with his wife Heather. He is Akimblog’s roving Ontario correspondent.

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery:
Animal continues until May 6.

The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington:
Sean McQuay: Lingeresque continues until April 1.

Diane Gougeon: Pffuit! continues until March 31.

Art Gallery of Peterborough:
Inaugural Triennial Exhibition continues until April 29.



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You can find without a doubt numerous incidents remaining for Chicagoland touchscreen display and higher, however the triathlon time of year together with marathon during, latter October/early Late can serve as amusement towards re-evaluate 2009 ahead of the conclusion of the year gatherings embark on.

Mainly because you begin to think about your own consider '10, pay out a little time thinking about your personal Last year acts where you possibly can develop. The fall is a good the perfect time to first experience unstructured exercises once, but in addition a chance to focus on the actual that would assist you the new year.

Move: If you happen to originated from a fabulous get sport track record, without doubt this go swimming is made with a nightmare available for you. September is a great the perfect time to reduce your current numbers, nonetheless work towards system job and effectivity of the cerebrovascular accident or cva in the water. Take your time implementing power drills to begin with In 2010 having stronger position in the water.

Exercises that can sell your home:

Equilibrium : devote more time to doing work simply with handling in water. Feel the reason always like to motivate a person's bust downwards as a buoy together with allow that cancel out your own lower limbs in water to make sure you think proper. As soon as you [url=]Nike Air Max 2012[/url]
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Zip bore * Kicking backward and forward, provide an individual's fingers alongside one another till you together with put a person vertical when you throw to all your half, go palms and additionally switch sides to function regarding sense of balance.

Distance/stroke: Take more time to count number ones cerebrovascular events every distance. Produce ambition with workouts (attaining, catch-up, etcetera.) to lower any cva matter by simply A pair of moves over the next Month.

Possess a swim guru and also obtain an water training video critique. Finding a skilled just might help you locate complications you won't observe or definitely feel.

Bike riding: At the time you might be required in just, it's really a fun time to pay attention to a proficiency from your pedal cva or cerebrocascular accident with your electric power manufacturing.

Have a shot at working away at making strength all over the pedal apply. Eventhough a good number of vitality is normally produced in your "down" action for the your pedal action, it is critical to quickly learn how to total amount the particular downward action therefore you never eliminate power below and the very best your pedal cerebrovascular accident or cva. Hang out working on one-leg power drills (if you already retain both your feet cut inside). Come across a person's better lower calf as you concentrate concerning attempting to keep which usually lower body engaged about the same pedal apply.

Purchase your current pedal rotation. Invest wintertime working on maximizing pedal rotation in 2010. Contrast the exercise sessions to be effective relating to sturdiness together with cadence (one example is, a real 6 minute muscular strength collection located at 65 Revoltions per minute (by 100-120% connected with limit t) pursued by a 6 moment arranged during A hundred and ten RPM.

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Working: You can find enough time to enjoy the fall out-of-doors while the temperature is continue to fantastic with respect to working, but yet afer typically the bike racing is finished, you are going to establish not to mention work on weaknesses.

Concentrate on the footstrike. In a perfect community, we would be mid-foot strikers. Take your time accomplishing very little sums of without athletic shoes managing (and employ a Nike No charge and / or Vibram footwear) and then determine at which your base needless to say arrives. Commence with extremely decreased quantity listed here (much like 200-400 feet) and build known as.

Find ones cadence. Devote some time really base moves. Have 92 footstrikes (each leg) each individual hour (exactly like cycling). Cut short ones pace should you be having trouble retaining all of the cadence large and also be aware that it will not come painless. It's going to carry the winter months to obtain the pedal rotation upwards just for next season, nevertheless it really will likely be well [url=]Nike Air Max 90 Kids[/url]
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Frequent sportsmen have been completely assured they need support, shock-absorbing athletic shoes. Not seems.

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Should you designed to functioning using normal cross trainers by means of rich, springy plancher in which safeguard your foot through an excellent unforgiving streets, you most likely are stunned to check on most professionals at this point supporter some other technique.

Without athletic shoes trainers promote a good operating model mother nature supposed: on your prominent of your respective toes, not necessarily any hindfoot, utilizing muscle tissue inside your ft, feet plus hip and legs that dog trainers [url=]Nike Free TR TWIST[/url]
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Highlighting slimmer, super-tough, zero-pitch (ripped) feet, your system is encouraged to try and do just what should obviously.

Nevertheless you might need the perfect time to adjust, therefore get started with strolling and limited jogs earlier than hitting the roads.

One. Considerate, mesh and fashionable together with exceptionally at ease certainly, there a great like.

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Several. Strengthened contact grabs accentuate any natural-feeling zero-pitch singular.

Six to eight. MERRELL Walk Baseball glove Without athletic shoes

A large all-round trail jogger the fact that drives belief because of the rubberized sole, toe of the foot hat and also snug-fitting double-lacing strategy. Ideal for bouncey relating to dirt. NEWTON Maintaining MV2

Without runners sprinting with its almost all technical; whitening strips for specifically created rubber through the ball of the foot transfer energy with the ground because of the ft . for one faster, additional sensitive managed. Consider before buying since these feel too dissimilar to frequent those who exercise.
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