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Chen Tamir
CHEN TAMIR in Norway 10/04/11
October 04, 2011

This year’s Momentum, the Nordic biennial held in the Norwegian coastal town of Moss, is organized by five curators - Marks Thor Andresson, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Theodor Ringborg, Aura Seikkula, and Marianne Zamecznik  - each from a different Scandinavian country. Titled Imagine Being Here Now, the show is predicated on the relationships between memory, imagination, time, and space. The broad theme, necessary to accommodate group curating, is developed through works that together create a coherent and rich intellectual experience. Referencing Lucy Lippard’s newest project, Imagine Being Here Now: Towards a Multicentered Exhibition Process, it focuses on the experience of apprehending artwork as a temporary, physical, and philosophical activity. There is no sensationalism or pandering to a lowest common denominator or highest retail value, but rather authentic and genuine engagement with individual works that combine to make a show that simply feels good.

Lorenzo Scotto Di Luzio

The exhibition is held mainly in the Momentum Kunsthall, a former brewery turned exhibition space. Given the exhibition title, works about time can be forgiven for their use of clocks – an unfortunate cliché – because of their wit and elegance. One example is Lorenzo Scotto Di Luzio’s handmade mechanism of a cardboard disk, tube, and long sheet of paper with metallic areas pasted on its surface that somehow control fluorescent light tubes to mimic a digital clock. Another chronometric work is the Long Now Foundation’s ambitious endeavor to build a clock to measure 10,000 years. More complex works include Ann Lislegaard’s exceptionally strange Time Machine, a room-sized installation resembling a disassembled, six-sided box of mirrors hinged open. On one pane, an animated fox is projected, stuttering his way through a monologue about space travel. His voice sometimes changes to a woman’s, and his face and gestures become strangely animated when one eye droops or his tongue hangs out of his mouth, bound to forever repeat himself in a monotone loop. On the other side of the fox is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of projected geometric shapes.

AsdÌs Sif Gunnarsdûttir, The Abstract Prophecy Conference

Loops through a repeating twilight zone don’t stop there. AsdÌs Sif Gunnarsdûttir’s video The Abstract Prophecy Conference documents a performance via three cameras placed at angles to a makeshift stage. Gunnarsdûttir, wearing grey leggings and a floral print bathing suit, fidgets with and presents stuff - the uncategorizable detritus of pop culture like cellophane paper and minidiscs - while two women alternate at her sides, standing, posing, twirling their hair. The doppelgangers waft in and out, each time wearing something similar but different. At some point, a man hands Gunnarsdûttir a tacky plastic trophy and asks, “Is this your new life? Your new hair?” The scene repeats seamlessly; each time Gunnarsdûttir confirms, slightly differently, that this is indeed her new life and new hair. Throughout the highly choreographed scene the artist occasionally tells us, “I know that you are about to become completely different and there’s nothing you can do about it.” The suggestion of transformation, not just ours or Gunnarsdûttir’s but the concept itself, seems negated by endless versions - of women posing, alternating outfits, new hair - that never significantly differ from the original.

Oliver Laric, Versions, 2010, video

This notion is a subtheme running through the show, best manifested in a nearby video, aptly titled Versions by Oliver Laric, that surveys a smattering of art and popular culture to demonstrate instances of reproduction, from Roman sculpture copied from the Greeks to animated Disney movies that use the same animation sequences. Laric brilliantly illustrates that classics themselves are formulaic repetitions and everything is a version of something else. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; our interpretations of icons, masterpieces, and kitsch reveal our personal, unique views. Through this lens we can consider every instance of beholding an artwork special and different, even a familiar one returned to over time.

Sex Tags BBQ

There are a number of projects planned specifically for the local context, most of which were never realized. Danish art collective Wooloo proposed to leave untended the lawn of the auxiliary venue, a pastoral mansion overlooking a field used mainly for wedding photographs and picnics. Instead of letting the land lie fallow, a plaque stands by the field suggesting so, with little evidence of the heated public debate over the issue that polarized the locals. Similarly, Ines Tartler’s proposal to engrave tree logs about to become newsprint in the nearby paper factory with the phrase “I always have a look” remains an unrealized proposal, its forlorn substitute a tiny hole cut through the Kunsthall overlooking the would-be installation across the canal. The only intervention that succeeded is the one whose instigators didn’t ask for permission: Sex Tags, a 3-person collective that has been leaving its mark around town for a decade, created a secret project in the attic of an abandoned building adjacent to the Kunsthall, accessed through a nearly invisible door cut through a gallery wall. The dusty, dim space is full of wooden shelves on which lie rows of black ink prints and drawings that look a little like hipster comics or a teenager’s notebook. The Sex Tags also organized a BBQ and graffiti session at a nearby supermarket parking lot that attracted those who would have to live with this biennial for months after the art world departed, and who seemed to be attending their own modest “opening.”

Superflex & The Propeller Group, Porcelain

Imagine Being Here Now ties the uber-local to the cosmopolitan with projects like Porcelain by Superflex and The Propeller Group. Their TV drama, set and broadcast in Vietnam, is about a present-day screenwriter’s love life interwoven with the story of 17th century potters and star-crossed lovers aboard a bounty ship to Europe. Charting a line between the economy and our personal lives, this work demonstrates globalization’s roots in Imperialism, continuing till today with the cooperation of the cultural sector; the props for the filming of Porcelain were authentic museum artifacts that had been stolen by Dutch pirates in the 17th century.

Naeem Mohaiemen, The Young Man Was…(Part 1: United Red Army)

Danish artist Bettina Camilla Vestergaard was in Cairo in 2010 where she asked people to describe the city’s most beautiful place. She includes their verbatim descriptions as text printed with photographs of each place. The rather simple gesture resulted in a touching project, especially in light of Egypt’s recent uprisings. Naeem Mohaiemen’s The Young Man Was…(Part 1: United Red Army) is comprised of found footage of a 1970s airplane hostage negotiation with Japanese terrorists in Bangladesh. By isolating the dialogue, Mohaiemen emphasizes the negotiation for time, the terrorists trying to have their terms met quickly while the officials “buy” time. Imagine Being Here Now asks its viewers to envisage their current situation, which seems both unnecessary and paradoxical. However, the works in the show reward viewers with a rich exploration of the relationship between projection and experience that ultimately champions consciousness as a prerequisite for imagination. In this biennial, working through abstract binaries of time and place or memory and imagination generates a substantial platform for nuanced thinking.

Cḥen Tamir is a curator and art writer dividing her time between Toronto, Tel-Aviv, and New York. When not writing or thinking about art, she is the Program Manager of Artis – Contemporary Israeli Art Fund. Until recently she was the Executive Director of Flux Factory, an artist-run center in Queens. Tamir holds a Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies from Bard College. Her recent exhibitions have been held at the Museums of Bat Yam (Israel), Art in General, the National Gallery of Saskatchewan, the University of Toronto, the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Gallery TPW, and White Box. Her show Emotional Blackmail is currently on view at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. Her writing has appeared in FlashArt, C Magazine, BlackFlash, and various monographs. She recently participated in the Athens Biennial and Nashville's Art Makes Place.

Imagine Being Here Now:
See website for more details.



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