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AkimboTV launches a new Review video by Terence Dick

Terence Dick, Host of Review on AkimboTV

Jaime Angelopoulos + Fun
The question of how fun art can be is answered by way of a detour through abstraction and a serious consideration of the not entirely serious intents of and responses to work that evokes a sense of play by this Toronto artist. Shot at MKG127 in December, 2015.

Join host and the ever-engaging critic Terence Dick as he discusses recent Toronto exhibitions and offers informative and relevant commentary on contemporary art and the ideas behind it.

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AkimboTV is an online video arts channel that recently launched at and YouTube with five channels: Artland, Gallery, Glory, Review and Projects. AkimboTV aims to deliver innovative and relevant contemporary art video that both professionals and general art-viewers will love. We invite you to become involved in an online activity, linked to social networking, where you can be a participant in video culture and become part of a collective experience.


Watch these great videos on Review too:

Talking Back, Otherwise + Objects
Idea-based art is re-materialized in this group exhibition curated by Cheyanne turions and found high above the University of Toronto at the Jackman Humanities Institute. Underlying the social and political narratives explored by the artists is a concern with the ethics of reciprocity played out in the possibility of conversing with the world of objects. Shot at the Jackman Humanities Institute in November, 2015.

Nuit Blanche + Spectacles
All night exhibitions like Toronto’s Nuit Blanche have become a battlefield over issues of populism, accessibility, contemplation, and spectacle. What kind of art can survive in public and how do we judge an exhibition that is equal parts street party and scavenger hunt? Shot throughout Toronto in October, 2015.

Iris Häussler + Matter
Slabs of wax are the catalyst for a reflection on solids, liquids and memories in this review of Iris Häussler’s sculptures. Despite their minimalist forms, they have much in common with the fundamental material experience of our own bodies. Shot at Daniel Faria Gallery in Toronto in September, 2015.

Glenn Lewis + Identity
With a career that spans decades and includes everything from mail art and pottery to kimchi recipes and synchronized swimming, Vancouver artist Glenn Lewis provides plenty of fodder for a reflection on the nature of artistic identity. Shot at Kunstverein Toronto in August, 2015.

Stephen Andrews + Electronic Media
For an artist working primarily in prints and painting, Stephen Andrews has a lot to say about digital imagery. This review considers the last fifteen years of his work in the context of post 9/11 global conflict and the importance of counter-narratives. Shot at the Art Gallery of Ontario in July, 2015.

Jennifer Murphy + Collage
The fluidity of identity and unexpected associations of dream logic previously celebrated in Surrealist collages reappear in Jennifer Murphy’s recent work alongside elemental, metaphysical and Marxist themes. Shot at Clint Roenish Gallery in June, 2015.

Susy Oliveira + Flowers
From garage sale paintings to photo-based constructions, flowers have long been a source of artistic inspiration. This review of Susy Oliveira’s recent work touches on prehistoric ferns, digital cameras, art history, and styles of gardening. Shot at Erin Stump Projects in May, 2015.

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