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loop Gallery presents:

Libby Hague
Alone Together

Sandra Smirle
String Theory: Potential Probabilities

December 6 - 28, 2014
Reception: Saturday, December 6, 2-5PM
Guided visit with artists: Saturday, December 20, 2-3PM

loop Gallery is pleased to present Alone Together, an exhibition by member artist Libby Hague, and String Theory: Potential Probabilities, an exhibition by member artist Sandra Smirle.


It is easy to lose sight of something artists are forced to confront whenever they show - that an exhibit is a way of trying to understand themselves through their work. In this case, by building complexity, reflecting laughter, misery and mystery, Libby Hague tries to understand how our lives connect to others.

She asks: If we are alone, since we are alone, how can we build something bigger than ourselves? In Alone Together, people, animals and things are connected along a rhizome baseboard or floorboard, through sympathy and other intangibles. From the misery of an elephant in the Shanghai zoo to a child too big for the baby swing - and more abstract points in between, Alone Together attempts to move beyond autobiography into the big wide world.

Hague studied fine art at Concordia. In 2014, she had an interdisciplinary residency in Scotland at Hospitalfield Arts, and installed Shift, a woodcut and helium installation at the University of the Arts, Tokyo with Rochelle Rubinstein. As well, her animation Choir of Love screened at the AGNS in the 3 person show All that glows. Her recent Toronto shows were Family Dynamics, Verso, 2014, Synchromesh, loop 2013, Be Brave! We are in this together, YYZ, 2012 and Sympathetic Connections at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 2011.

For more information, visit:

The artist wishes to thank the Ontario Arts Council for their generous help.


The very function of locating something as fragile, elusive and multidimensional as a quantum particle is enough to cause its infinite simultaneous possibilities to collapse. Ditto surveying the Arctic – a place where documenting the present will redefine past and future…

This past summer, Sandra Smirle had the opportunity to participate in a residency aboard a 120’ tall ship sailing the waters of an Arctic archipelago just 10 degrees from the North Pole. Traveling to such a remote location as Longyearbyen in Svalbard, the site of renowned historical explorations, offered a unique opportunity to work in a stark and seldom-seen landscape. Drawing on research material from her residency, Smirle’s multidisciplinary work offers the viewer a unique, panoramic view of a partly real, partly imaginary Arctic land-and seascape of converging and diverging images. Given the insufficiency and inherent fallibility of historical surveying in the Arctic, it might represent a narrative of something, or somewhere that never was.

Smirle’s work has been exhibited nationally as well as internationally, and is contained in private and corporate collections in Canada, Australia and Europe. She is currently completing her MFA at Concordia University in Montréal.

The artist wishes to thank the Arctic Circle Org., the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for their generous support.

Please join the artists to celebrate the exhibition opening on Saturday, December 6 from 2-5 PM.

Images: Libby Hague, The elephant in the Shanghai zoo and Too big for the baby swing, 2014; Sandra Smirle, Kite Mapping in Fleur de Lyshamna, Svalbard - 77°34' N 015° 00 E, 2014.

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