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Durdy Bayramov: My life belongs to art and art belongs to the people
June 9 – July 4, 2014
Monday-Sunday from 10am-5pm
2647 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

Curated by Keya Bayramov and Leanne Simaan

Durdy Bayramov, Portrait of the first teacher

Image Credit: Durdy Bayramov, “Portrait of the first teacher” 1997-1998, oil on canvas, 140x130cm.

The poppies of the foothills of Ashgabat blossom within Durdy Bayramov’s canvases. He has captured the essence of children and adults caught in the act of playing, pondering and creating. It is hard to believe that Bayramov is no longer with us. Raised as an orphan, this self-made man maintained a positive outlook on life and dedicated every waking moment to his creative practice. Though he is now forever removed from his glorious mountainsides, his spirit will live on forever, as will Bayramov’s oeuvre; immortalized through his brushstrokes which ooze his passion for art, and his deep knowledge and respect for traditional realism. He has profoundly touched many who have viewed his paintings, including his daughter Keya. After his passing, Keya was the beneficiary of a career-spanning collection of her father's artwork. Believing that it is her responsibility to share his oeuvre with the public, free of charge, Keya’s objective is not monetary gain. This will be the first time Bayramov's work is publicly exhibited in Canada. A guided tour with daughter Keya Bayramov will be available upon request.

Durdy Bayramov's life (1938-2014), though marked by obstacles, was defined by his love of painting. His childhood coincided with the turbulent years of the Second World War and the post-war devastation. At a young age he also lost his parents and was, consequently, raised in an orphanage in Kyzylarvat. However, these hardships made him more resilient and enhanced his positive attitude, which was founded on his creative zeal and love for academia. Having graduated from the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, he became a recipient of many honors and awards such as the title of “People’s Artist of Turkmenistan” in 1991, Academician of the Academy of arts in 1998 and honored with the medal “For Love of The Motherland” by the President of Turkmenistan in 2008. Paintings by Durdy Bayramov can be found in the permanent collections of museums in Turkmenistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Hungary, and Ukraine, as well as private and corporate collections in The United Arab Emirates, Latin and North America.

For more information or inquiries contact Leanne Simaan at, 647-970-1440, or 647-970-3990


Image Credit: Durdy Bayramov, “Irises” 2005, oil on canvas, 90x69cm.




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