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The Future of Mobility:

Pedestrians & the Livable City

May–July 2012: exhibition "Berlin on the Go", walks, talks & more on the idea of shared streets

Presented by the Goethe-Institut

in collaboration with Urbanspace Gallery

© Julien Brachhammer

Taking steps towards a pedestrian-friendly city

This spring and summer, we are happy to present our new series The Future of Mobility, featuring an exhibition as well as participatory walking projects and a design charrette. In dialogue with our environmentally themed series The Future of Cities 2011-12 and following our artist project Transit Kitchen 2011, we now take a closer look at our streets and how pedestrians, bikes, public transport and cars can best share them.

"It is not so much new development that is the key to the future, but more a restructuring of what is already there in the cities." This is how Heribert Guggenthaler, Head of Planning and Design of Roads and Public Places in Berlin, describes his strategic plan. We took a meeting with him in 2010 as a starting point for an exploration of urban renewal in Berlin and Toronto. Our exhibition "Berlin on the Go" features innovate initiatives of the City of Berlin to encourage more people to walk. For this Toronto edition, we have solicited feedback from Berliners on their everyday walking experiences as discussion points for the Canadian audience.

The timing could not be better: As the City of Toronto's brand-new report The Walkable City shows, "walkable neighbourhoods tend to encourage better habits even among people who don't particularly value them." (The Toronto Star).

The Program:

June 5– July 31, 2012

Berlin on the Go – Towards a Pedestrian-Friendly City
Opening June 4, 5.30-7pm, with a talk by Toronto's star flaneur Shawn Micallef (Spacing Magazine)

Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON
free; open Monday-Saturday, 9am-7pm
The exhibition was developed and organized by the Goethe-Institut with FUSS.e.V, a Berlin pedestrians' rights organization, and the Senate Department of Urban Development in Berlin.

May 18, 2-6pm

The Future of a Walk
A future charrette & walk run by German-Canadian designer Ruth Spitzer with props such as walking sticks, coloured glasses, absurd objects. Followed by a workshop to initiate an envisioning process, to be documented and used as a platform for an Augmented Reality digital walk coming soon!
Centre for Social Innovation [Annex]
Meeting room #1, 2nd floor
720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON
Limited space! Please register with your name & phone number to!

May 19, 10am-c. 5pm

Ambassadors of Coincidence
A participatory City Walk Game
Berlin super 8 filmmaker Dagie Brundert will conduct a creative exploration in downtown Toronto.
Brundert: "We choose a starting point by chance (dice or telephone book). We go there, find something, any stranded goods, doodle, debris, sign, scene that gives away its secret and inspires us to find the next station. There can be beauty in banality and we'll find it. We film and record -- the magic points are what we see, what we think ... it can lead us to surprises or boredom. That depends on us. And a little on the weather. Super 8 helps make a jewel out of it!"
Dagie Brundert is the inaugural Goethe-LIFT Filmmaker-in-Residence 2012.
Across Toronto; Limited space! Please register with your name & phone number to!

June 5 + 25, 6-7pm each

Spine Walk
An Embodied Audio Walk
Toronto performance artist Cara Spooner creates a participatory tour along soon-to-be pedestrianized John Street. Participants will listen on headphones as they walk from John's sacrum (Front St) to its head (Grange). Other cues, movement instructions, narrations and sound scores will accompany the tour. Themes will be critiques of leisure, entertainment, amusement and distraction. The project personifies the street in an attempt to create empathy between the walkers and the physical infrastructure, social codes, movement, others using the street as well as urban nature elements.
Long after the scheduled walks are complete, the audio tour will continue to be available for download and self-guided free tours at
Limited space! Please register with your name & phone number to!

More information, updates and calls on our website

Program & Media Contact:

Jutta Brendemühl
Program Coordinator
Goethe-Institut Toronto
100 University Ave, North Tower,
2nd floor, mailbox 136
Toronto, ON M5J 1V6
Tel. +1 416 5935257-205