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Call for USB flash drive donation

MAC/SAN TV by Candelario

A project for MAC/SAN (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de San Agustin)
11th Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo de la Habana, Cuba

MAC/SAN TV is a new Cuban cuenta propia (private) TV channel, with a hybrid nature:

MAC/SAN TV is a performative installation - a TV studio/set that will be installed in the Cuban suburb of San Agustin during the 11th biennial of Havana. Located in the public MAC/SAN building, the MAC/SAN TV set will be used for live performances, public projections and as an open recording studio.

MAC/SAN TV will be "broadcast" through the distribution of UBS sticks. Using the USB flash drive as a means of dissemination, MAC/SAN TV formalizes a very specific Cuban phenomenon. With very limited access and slow Internet connections the global digital revolution is lived in Cuba on its own terms - through the widespread use of USB sticks. Information, software and movies circulate at fast speed in Cuba through this little object, as will MAC/SAN TV.

Donate two or more USB sticks for MAC/SAN TV (Cuba)

In return you will receive one multiple:
a USB stick including MAC/SAN TV programmes!
All donated USB sticks featuring MAC/SAN TV will be distributed to inhabitants of San Agustin and Cuban visitors to MAC/SAN).

Canadian drop-off location:
Gallery TPW
56 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON
M6J 2Y7

No later than Friday, May 7, 2012
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm

USB donations can also be dropped off in Cuba at the MAC/SAN Building.

As a reference to conventional TV, the MAC/SAN TV channel features news and weather reports, commercials, and a variety of programmes such as films, documentaries and video clips. MAC/SAN contributors will use these format conventions as tools to experiment with audio-visual form, local content and personal voices. Sound and video sketches will focus on the territory, heritage and environment of the Havana suburb San Agustin and will provide updates on other artist's investigations at MAC/SAN being developed during the Biennial. The project is also a broader participatory platform featuring two opportunities for local participants to see their work on TV. Members of the San Agustin community are invited to creatively advertise their agricultural products on TV and local journalism students will take part in a programme exploring the crossovers between art and journalism, focusing on experimental audio-visual narratives.

MAC/SAN TV challenges the traditional paradigm of television by reinterpreting standard TV programmes, by extending its function, means and outlets, by diversifying its contributors and by using an experimental approach to develop audio-visual forms and content. MAC/SAN TV collaborates with visual artists, designers, musicians, journalists, curators, engineer, and the local community to create products that blur boundaries between the art world and the television industry.

MAC/SAN will run Sunday, May 13 to Saturday, May 26, 2012
Grand Opening: May 14 at 3:30pm

MAC/SAN Building
240 e/39 y 51 – San Agustin
La Lisa- La Habana

For further details visit
Contact: Catherine Sicot:

MAC/SAN TV is a project by Cuban artist Candelario.
Collaborators: Leslie Salgado and Pedro E. Moya (journalist and professors at the Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de la Habana)
Contributors: Esther Suárez y César Riverón (arquitectos), Amilkar Feria (artistas), Andrés Victores (ingeniero), Eloy Ramón Hernández and Liset Vidal (diseñadores), Claudia Montes de Oca, Karla Valero (estudiantes de periodismo), Dairon Calvet (estudiante de arte), Ricardo García-Rojas (estudiante de la universidad de Harvard, EUA), Lys – Ange Sénescat (estudiante de Bellas artes de Bordeaux, Francia), Jenny Feal (estudiante del artes visuales ISA), Nestor Siré Mederos (estudiante del artes visuales ISA), Danay Gil (bióloga), Arnaud Sallé (composor).

MAC/SAN (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de San Agustin)
Conceived by Candelario, Stefan Shankland, Erik Göngrich and Aurelie Sampeur
Curated by Aurelie Sampeur and Catherine Sicot

MAC/SAN Is co-produced by:
LASA-laboratorio artistico de san agustin (
and Off the Edge (Canada)

Further support generously provided by:
11na Bienal de Arte contemporáneo de la Habana; IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V.); Institut Français; Fondo Franco-Alemán; Goethe Institut – Habana; Deutsche Botschaft – Habana; Ambassade de France – Habana; Ambassade de France – Toronto; Dirección de la cultura provincial de La Habana y municipal de La Lisa; CAM – La Lisa; CP – San Agustín; Mehr Licht! E.V.; L.C.P (Lieux Communs Production); Malnutrition Matters (Canada); Alianza Francesa de La Habana