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Image: Drawing by Alexandre David, Digital Collage by Yam Lau

Vectors: Connections and Interventions
Itinerant itinerary February to June, 2012

February 15 to April 28
Art Metropole

April 28, 2-5pm
Art Metropole
Re-mythologizing the archive (print launch / story telling with Fern Bayer, Peggy Gale, Corinn Gerber, Yam Lau, Yan Wu)

May 8 to May 12
Fair of alternative art of Sudbury, La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury

May 18 to June 9
Gallery 101, Ottawa

Vectors: Connections and Interventions is Gendai Gallery's latest in a series of exploratory exercises in exhibition, production and forms of communication in and around the art community. For Vectors, inventive implementations of a mobile unit (commissioned by Gendai and Guest Artist Yam Lau, designed by Montreal artist Alexandre David) will be deployed to activate and animate various host sites. The specs of this commission required a functional unit that can be articulated as storage, seating and a presentation platform in various configurations and permutations by responding to the vicissitudes of need and use.

The commission does not conclude in the realization of the unit. More importantly, Vectors exploits and maximizes the inherent efficacy (i.e. mobility and adaptability) of the unit in order to instigate new alignments and opportunities with other sites. This operation in meant to effectively produce programming, exhibition, production and community building opportunities on the fly. One may compare the versatility of the mobile unit with a small vessel such as an inflatable lifeboat. While it can be hosted or stored within a larger vessel, the unit can also be swiftly deployed to perform exploratory maneuver on its own. In that sense, the mobile unit is fitted for survival as well as adventure. The series of dates indicated above marks the "official trajectories" of the unit. More importantly, they affirm the promise of an exploratory spirit, a trust in the unforeseen, as well as a propensity to thread connections and histories that are contingent yet affective.

The inaugural launch of the mobile unit took place in February 2012 at Art Metropole in Toronto. During the two-month engagement with Art Metropole, Vectors respectfully infiltrated the various operations of the host in both pedestrian and creative ways. Individual components of the unit were dispatched as furniture and used as bookshelfs and rolling benches across the retail area of Art Met. This integration quietly modulated the day-to-day operation of the host.

In return, Art Metropole invited Vectors and the unit's unassuming occupancy to be the first in a series of interactions with and interventions into Art Metropole's Publications and Ephemera Archive from the present. The Wandering Art Metropole Publications and Ephemera Archive is a sibling project to Vectors, in that it initiates a variety of new perspectives on, associations with and transformations of its material by inviting interactors in collaboration with different host institutions. Carried in a mobile support structure by Toronto artist Shane Krepakevich, it will travel on to Project Space in Vancouver during the Institutions by Artists event in October 2012. But before this, Gendai's Vectors and Art Metropole's Wandering Archive will make a journey together to Sudbury and Ottawa in May and June.

Lau and Gendai reworked selected pages of the 1974 issue of FILE Megazine1 to produce a print entitled Vectors: Infections and Infestations. The print further complicates the already fictionalized temporality that was the overarching theme of FILE issue 1974. The result is to produce a permanently unsettled chronology within the archive that resonates with the self-styled mythology of FILE 1974 and General Idea.

On 28th April at the launch of the print at Art Met, Fern Bayer and Peggy Gale will refer to the print as a sort of fictional "dream score". They will interpret the print to re-actualize the archive materials and related events and spirits of FILE and Art Metropole around the year of 1974 out of their perspective . Please come join us to witness history in the re-making, once more with feelings!

Vectors: Connections and Interventions is made possible through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

For more information of the project, please visit / or contact Yan Wu at 416.534.1693 or / Corinn Gerber at 416.703.4400 or


[1] General Idea, ed. FILE Magazine (vol. 2, no. 5, February 1974), Annual Artists' Directory Issue