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Gallery 1313 Presents
A Series of Workshops for Artists Using Social Media
May 2 and May 9th 7-9:30pm at Gallery 1313
Workshops have a limited number of seats.

May 2 Social Media Tools for Your Tools with Sue Edworthy
May 9 Storytelling to Further The Artist ... Not Just The Art with Lisa Horvat
Workshop information & registration Forms available at
Please send your registration fee and forms to Gallery 1313
1313 Queen St. West Toronto, On. M6K 1L8 or Drop it off at the gallery Wed- Sun. 1-6pm For Information Call Phil Anderson Gallery Director 416-536-6778
Fees per Workshop
$65. payable by cheque or cash
$50 for CARFAC Members & Gallery 1313 Members.

Social Media Tools for Your Tools
A workshop with Sue Edworthy about social media for artists.
May 2nd 2012 7 – 9:30pm

Who's Sitting Where and Why Are You Here? – Introduction to know which artists are participating, and what they hope to get out of it.
What Are These Tools and Why Are We Using Them? - Overview of social media tools from Facebook to Flickr to Pinterest, video sharing, blogging and how to best use them for marketing art.
Tools for Your Tools - Twitpic, bitly, hootsuite, tweetdeck – Tools to make using your social media marketing quicker and easier to save you time.
New Marketing vs Old Marketing and How They Go Together – Determining how your current supporters connect with you, and how new ones will while trying not to alienate anyone without substituting one type of marketing for another.
Group Work – discussion and description of which examples of New and Old Marketing are currently working for your business. Sharing of ideas with others at the table to help their businesses and sharing three good ideas that came up in the session.

About the presenter

Sue Edworthy is an arts manager with over 15 years experience in performing arts. She has performed, directed, stage managed, front-of-housed and event coordinated. Her main focus for the last decade has been marketing and communications, with a great deal of copywriting thrown in. Her brand is marketing heavy with a focus on social media/online communities as a way of supporting and advocating for the arts and healthy city living from the perspective of someone who had led marketing initiatives for various arts organizations, be they large, small or cross-disciplinary, as someone who cares about the city and sees the arts as a way to enrich that.

What does this have to do with your project? Everything.

By looking at and working on various types and sizes of performing arts projects, She is able to avoid the cookie-cutter approach. Sue understands and values the unique flavour you bring to your art, and that your art brings to your audience. She knows that every project is different, and every performer needs different assistance. She works with you to recognize any number of factors that will affect your production, including Where, When, Why, and How. She will work together with you to target your audience and find out the best way to let them know your project is happening. Since She has worked in many positions in the arts, she knows you probably don't have a lot of time, or money – and she doesn't believe in wasting either one.

She provides the following services:

Organizational planning; marketing project management; marketing and communications planning for projects, productions and seasons; simple website creation; social media planning, execution and maintenance; marketing, branding and social media policy creation; brand examination, review and refresh; copywriting; grant research, writing and review. She also offers workshops in fundraising and social media engagement.

Storytelling to Further the Artist... Not Just the Art
A workshop with Lisa Horvat about storytelling & social media for artists.
May 9th 2012 7 – 9:30pm

Since the dawn of time, humans have been using stories to connect. Storytelling is what binds us together as a species, it is what links us in our communities. Today, we unwittingly use storytelling everyday in our social interactions. But, we often leave this powerful tool at the door when we enter our professional environments or when we do use stories we often don't maximize their potential.

In this presentation we'll talk about the power of storytelling, how we can find our stories and express them offline and especially online.

About the presenter

Lisa Horvat is a storyteller, a digital storyteller as the title - VP Storytelling & Digital Strategy at Strategic Storytellers suggests. She spends her days telling yarns for organizations big and small that emotionally connect their audiences to them and that flip the switch for their supporters and staff, giving them a lasting feel for the brand.

With a background in video, music and over a decade of digital communications and marketing experience, agency and client-side, Lisa works for results, the taste of fair-trade chocolate and for the ability to connect people to people along the way.

From Toyota to RBC and Capital One to Trupanion Pet Insurance and WWF-Canada to George Brown College, she's told countless stories and helped brands flourish online in this era of authentic communication.

Connect with her on Twitter @lisahorvat