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Call for Submissions

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Call for Submissions I Deadline for Submissions: May 25, 2012

Sincerely Yours

Propeller 15th Annual Curated Exhibition
Curated by: John Kissick

"The kernel, the soul—let us go further and say the substance,
the bulk, the actual valuable material of all human utterances—is plagiarism." - Jonathan Lethem

"I fake it so real, that I'm beyond fake." - Courtney Love

Ever wondered what an authentic experience felt like? You know—a feeling which you were reasonably sure was yours' and yours' alone; a gesture that didn't inevitably collapse into a set of clichés; having an idea that didn't already have a citation index attached to it; the premise that you, your thoughts and your actions were in any meaningful way unique? Yeah... me too. I keep thinking I must have had an authentic feeling at some point in my past—but not lately.

For the most part, I -- like most artists I know -- have come to an uneasy peace about the whole thing, figuring that "mediation is me," and besides, authenticity is so twentieth-century anyway. But I have been haunted by a troubling aspect of this equation: if authenticity is now accepted in most quarters as a cultural construct rather that an existential truth, then how do we recognize sincerity anymore? Is sincerity, like its corollary authenticity, contingent on a world outside ourselves? And if so what does it all mean for individuals who produce work based on notions of intuition and self-expression?

If we claim that sincerity is a contested term in contemporary art practice, then to address these questions, we invite proposals from any perspective and in any media on the challenge of authenticity in this age.

About the Curator:
John Kissick is trained as a painter and writer, was Chair of Painting and Critical Studies at Penn State University's School of Visual Arts, Dean of the Faculty of Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design from 2000 to 2003 and for the last nine years, Director of the School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph. Kissick's exhibition record includes numerous solo exhibitions in Canada and abroad and his work has been included in a number of important survey exhibitions. A mid-career survey entitled John Kissick: A Nervous Decade, curated by Crystal Mowry, is currently touring Canada through 2012 and is accompanied by a major publication. John Kissick is also the author of a book, numerous catalogue essays and articles for periodicals. He is the author of Art: Context and Criticism (1992/6) and was editor of the Penn State Journal of Contemporary Criticism from 1990-1995. Two recent essays: "Elephants in the Room" for Canadian Art Magazine and "Disco and the Death Switch: Tales from Contemporary Abstraction" for Border Crossings were nominated for National Magazine Awards in 2009 and 2010. He is currently represented by Katzman Kamen Gallery, Galerie Bigue Art Contemporain, Michael Gibson Gallery and Peter Wilde Gallery in Berlin.

Deadline for Submissions: May 25, 2012

How to Apply: visit for information on how to submit.

Propeller's Annual Curated Exhibition has been a key part of the gallery's programming since 1997. Over the last 15 years Propeller's curated exhibition bridges the gap between curators and emerging/mid-career artists. Every year Propeller attracts notable guest curators from a range of cultural and professional fields, including important Canadian artists, gallerists, writers and critics to create forward thinking exhibitions to compliment the gallery's annual programming.