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Call for Submissions

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Artist Call for Expressions of Interest
Due: January 15, 2012

This is a Call for Expressions of Interest from the Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre Art Acquisition Program seeking a professional artist or artist team for artwork for the Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre (CNSCC).

Expressions of Interest are sought for an exterior artwork to be located in the Concourse area of the new CNSCC. It is desirable that the work be visible both day and night, be a landmark and reflect the "Ignite the Spirit" theme. Artists must consider materials that are weather resistant and complement the architectural design and scale of the CNSCC. This logo shows how the community is growing from the spark of giving. Using multiple bright colours and overlapping people demonstrates how the community centre will bring diverse people together for different activities.

The new Civic Centre is the embodiment of an idea that has captivated our people, and will symbolize our community. The Centre will support social values that are important to the community by promoting health and wellness, and by serving our entire community, from children, youths, seniors and families to competitive and recreational athletes, this is where those athletes with Olympic-sized aspirations will grow and thrive.

Additional images can be viewed on our website

The project budget is approximately $90,000, inclusive of all costs including artist fees, design, materials, insurance, all engineering expenses, fabrication, delivery, installation, travel and taxes.

This Call is open to all professional artists and artist teams who are current or former residents of Nova Scotia.

EOI submissions will be accepted until 4:00 pm AST, Tuesday, January 15, 2012.

Statement of Understanding:

Proponents shall provide a brief statement outlining the Artist's understanding of the Civic Centre Public Art Project and its relationship with the requirements of the Selection Committee. Artists are to submit the documents listed below on one PDF Acrobat format file, no larger than 5 MB. Images need to include the artist's last name and be numbered indicating viewing order.

E-mails to be sent to: Paul Smith
CDs to be labeled with the artist's last name and the title CNSCC Public Art Project.

Drop-off address (office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
Paul J. Smith, MCIP

Project Manager

Central Nova Regional Civic Centre
P.O. Box 697
1 Church Street
Truro, Nova Scotia
B2N 5E7

Tel: (902) 897-3170

Fax: (902) 895-9983

Page 1. Letter of Interest (1 page)
This letter should explain your interest in the project, provide a brief perspective on your practice and the materials you generally work with. Please cite any relevant experience. If submitting as a team, the letter should include a description of how the team works together, and describe any previous collaborative work experience. Your letter is to confirm that you have read, accept and will abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Pages 2 and 3. Artist's Résumé (max. 2 pages)
Include a professional artist's résumé. For team applications please include résumés for all team members (and contact information including email addresses). All team members must have confirmed participation prior to submission.

Pages 4-13. Images of your Work
Submit up to 10 images of your past work within the one PDF file requested.

Page 14. Information on image included (1 page)
Please include detailed information about each artwork including: the artist's name, artwork title, medium/materials, completion date, dimensions, total budget and project contact information. State your role in the creation of the artwork.

Only short-listed artists will be notified.

Phase I: Expressions of Interest (EOI):

A Selection Panel of art experts will review all eligible Expressions of Interest submissions, and from these will recommend a shortlist of between three to five artists or artist teams who will be invited to create a site-specific proposal.

Phase II: Concept proposal:
Shortlisted artists will be offered an honorarium of $1500.00 to develop their concepts. Artists will be invited to make a personal presentation to the Selection Panel on their concept and to answer any questions. The Selection Panel will recommend one proposal to be commissioned.

Criteria for Selection of Artists:

  • Artistic excellence and innovation as demonstrated in past work and shown in submitted materials.
  • Demonstrated adherence to schedules, deadlines, project requirements and budgets
  • Previous experience working efficiently, collegially and collaboratively with design professionals and civic agencies in design and execution.
  • Ability to create artwork appropriate in concept, materials and scale for the identified opportunity.
  • Availability to begin design work on March 15, 2012 and install the artwork on or before May 15, 2013.

Selection Schedule:
Expressions of Interest by: January 15, 2012
First meeting Selection panel: February 1-14 2012
Final meeting Selection panel: February 14-28, 2012
Concept submission : April 13, 2012.


Send questions only by e-mail to Paul Smith
All Q&A will be posted on the Public Art website
See: CNSCC Public Art Project link

Added Value:

The Art Selection Committee is interested in maximizing the value of expenditures as it relates to achieving additional value for the benefit of the project funding partners, facility operations, and citizens of the Central Nova Scotia Region. Proponents are encouraged to consider, develop and propose "added value" concepts for the Public Art Project that would enhance the services required under this Expression of Interest. Items of interest in this regard would include access to additional funding sources or "in kind" services that may be used to subsidize costs associated with the Public Art Project

10. Acceptance:

The Art Selection Committee is not bound to accept any and can reject all proposals submitted in response to the EOI and no contractual relationship with the Committee shall come into existence through this process until such a time as the Committee deems appropriate.

All submissions will be held in confidence by the CNSCC unless otherwise required by law.