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Peter Karuna
Global Economics from the series Borrowed Time 2006
pigment inkjet print on cotton rag paper


Art Gallery of Hamilton Summer Exhibitions opening June 9th, 7 to 9 pm

Including four contemporary art exhibitions curated by Melissa Bennett, AGH Curator of Contemporary Art:

Out of Place / Non lieu: Lise Beaudry, Isabelle Hayeur, Marie-Josée Laframboise
June 9 to September 25, 2011

In Out of Place / Non lieu, three Canadian francophone artists present artworks that explore imagined places and ephemeral sites. The AGH is the first Ontario venue for Isabelle Hayeur's series Dé-peindre Québec ou l'envers du décor (Depicting Québec City or Looking Backstage). These large scale photographs of old Quebec City are digitally altered to include elements that are both factual and fictional, presenting the viewer with seamless views of places that don't actually exist. The flawlessness of the images is a pointed pursuit for Hayeur—politically speaking, she uses "lies" to tell the truth about the consequences of gentrification.

Meditating on the temporal quality of ice, Lise Beaudry photographs the snowy surfaces of frozen lakes in a highly minimalist manner. In pointing her lens downward, she leverages a new conceptual approach in her work involving non-representational photography. An accompanying video, Underscape, is shot beneath a lake's icy surface. In the gallery, it is projected at a large scale, engrossing the viewer in an experience of an ambiguous liquid environment. This piece is complemented by an audio work made in collaboration with Michelle Irving.

An installation piece by Marie-Josée Laframboise is an imaginary landscape made of an undulating net, suspended within and stretched across a room. The piece is created in a performative and intuitive manner, as the artist culls her memory for impressions of places she has been. This new work is influenced by the characteristics of Hamilton. The viewer's experience with the piece is subjective, as the work changes depending on one's vantage point—fittingly, it inspires multiple perspectives on this particular suggestion of a place.

The works in this exhibition are conceived out of the idea of place, but all the places represented here are "non lieu." In other words, they are no place at all.


Peter Karuna: All in Good Time
June 9 to September 25, 2011

All in Good Time shows the range of Peter Karuna's photography practice over the last forty-five years, since he began working as a press photographer in London, England, at the age of sixteen. Many of his images are candid—they arrest rare moments when things ironic or beautiful align. Pictured here are scenes in London, England; Marseille, France; and Hamilton and surrounding areas. Karuna's longstanding engagement with ecological and social issues is evident. Though the subject matter of the individual images is broad, time is a reigning theme in this selection of photographs. Throughout his practice, Karuna has used both a quick, "from-the-hip" approach to image making, as well as the more studied approach evident in his documentary work. Further, in his life as well as in his work, Karuna gets lost in time, which is a ruling force.


Rick Pottruff: Search Engine City
To August 21, 2011

Rick Pottruff's large-scale, intricate yet gestural drawings of cities, bridges, cars, ships, planets and technological devices provide ample opportunity for viewers to be psychologically transported into the worlds he creates. His hybrid style combines the visual devices of illustration, fine art, and film. This new drawing on the AGH foyer wall incorporates imagery of industry, traffic and more—it is an explosive dystopian scene that catapults the viewer's eye across its many detailed sections.


Brendan Fernandes: New Video Acquisitions
To August 14, 2011

Following Brendan Fernandes' AGH exhibition until we fearless last year, the Gallery acquired two video works, Foe (2008) and Performing Foe (2009). In these documentary-style portrayals, Fernandes practices speaking the supposed accents of his cultural backgrounds and then teaches those to a group of students, in consideration of the ways in which language and culture are acquired and communicated. This purchase was made possible with the generous support of Pierre Karch and Mariel O'Neill-Karch, with matching funds from the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance for Art Museums and Public Galleries program. The videos are projected in a continuous loop amongst a display of the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum African collection.


Art Gallery of Hamilton
123 King Street West, downtown Hamilton
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