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Jordan Dunlop: Dyslexic Alchemy

June 3rd - 30th, Hamilton Public Library, 4th Floor

Dyslexic Alchemy; Is an approach to drawing and crude print-making using ink bleeds from Magnum Sharpies to create multiples. Jordan Dunlop has developed a work-in-progress from over a number of months making maps of urban Hamilton from individual drawings in which he will display at the Hamilton Public Library 4th floor. Jordan’s aim is to create an overwhelming experience, highlighting ritual and obsession using play as a starting point. The many parallels Jordan’s art practice refers to is both psychological like an ink-blot or Rorschach but also conjures balance like the visual meditation seen in Buddhist Yantra art. Identifying with his own struggles with learning challenges, Jordan has found beauty in the struggle by utilizing the process of art making as a tool for growth and change. Jordan instils a sense of unity and balance in his recent artworks by incorporating opposing marks on the front and reverse picture plane like a dance and relationship of opposites. From small-format sketch books, Dyslexic Alchemy will: overwhelm entire walls with hundreds of drawings; display light boxes; as well as exhibit large-scale drawing collages which are reminiscent of puzzles, labyrinths and abstracted mark making.

Jordan Dunlop
Uses experimental drawing techniques applied to his art practice. All drawings use magnum sharpies to bleed through the reverse of the page resulting in graphic, dual sided prints. The strength of Jordan’s drawing practice is made evident by the amount of work generated through “plein air drawing” (from life and outdoors) using a sketchbook which he later uses for large scale digital collages.

Movement through urban infrastructure as well as experimental geography know as psycho-Geography is an ongoing source to create from. Each large scale print is made up from smaller drawings created from a journey throughout the city, recording an interior mood as well as what is visually seen. Guided by decisions created in the moment, these drawings are automatic, immediate and are thought of as meditative experiments centering on the process of mark making.

By playfully puzzling both positive and negative drawings side by side on the computer, chance creations are produced resembling humanoid figures, mythic creatures, labyrinths and architectural structures appearing both ancient, yet futuristic. Ultimately these drawings attempt to connect to our sense of place to rediscover the extraordinary in the everyday. Envisioning holistic architecture and urban planning of tomorrow is one of many parallels Jordan drawing practice evokes.


Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario Jordan Dunlop exhibited art from an early age and continuing throughout his adult life. An intention to engage art with a child-like enthusiasm is what keeps him creating new artwork as well as the transformative benefits gained through the process of making such as automatic drawing, as well as experimental visual applications helping to propel artwork forward. Studying at NASCAD-U in 2006 in Halifax opened doors for Jordan to a worldly art community. Exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Art 2006-07 in London, England and being featured in collections abroad, Jordan now creates art community at the Wychwood Barns in Toronto.

Jordan Dunlop
41 Benson, Ave. Toronto, On. M6G 4C6
647 464 5665






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