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Summer Exhibitions Launch at Esker Foundation

Anna Torma, Abandoned Details I, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

Summer exhibitions: Vanessa Brown, Anna Torma and Jolie Bird

Opening: Friday May 25, 6–10pm

Vanessa Brown
The Witching Hour

Anna Torma
Book of Abandoned Details

May 26 – September 2

Jolie Bird
1597; Harmonious Frequencies
Until July 29, 2018

Esker Foundation is proud to announce our 2018 summer exhibition season: presenting major solo exhibitions by Canadian artists Vanessa Brown and Anna Torma, and a performative installation by Calgary-based artist Jolie Bird.

Vanessa Brown, Cosmic Screen, 2017. Oil, paint and steel. Courtesy the artist and Project Pangée, Montréal.

Vanessa Brown
The Witching Hour
May 26 – September 2, 2018

Vanessa Brown works in the space between strength and fragility through an alchemical fusing of steel, pigment, glass, and textile. Her work is hybrid and multidimensional: sculpture flirting with painting, symbolic narrative collage, a physical gestalt of states of consciousness. The Witching Hour brings together new installations and recent works, ranging in scale from larger-than-life to intimate. It is a proposal in material, colour, light, and sound; an invitation into an emotively charmed circle where magic, fantasy, and humour offer coded strategies to consider material histories, our connection to the natural and supernatural worlds, and gendered systems of labour, communication, and value.

Read more about the exhibition.

Anna Torma
Book of Abandoned Details
May 26 – September 2, 2018

As a descendant of generations of skilled needleworkers and embroiderers, Anna Torma produces work that is both rooted in a deep Hungarian textile tradition and is also part of a vibrant contemporary practice connected to radical feminist avant-garde movements of the 1960s and 70s, which reclaimed craft and fibre-based work as urgent and political fine art practices. Torma’s work offers us an extraordinary world in which the domestic and the fantastic collide in lush imagery drawn from familial history, books and literature, real and imagined places, mythology and folklore, flora and fauna, and personal and cultural memory.

Book of Abandoned Details presents major work produced over the past five years, much of which speaks to the complex nature of diasporic identity and experience; the desire to remember and preserve the details of a past, while also adapting to and articulating a new present.

Read more about the exhibition.

Jolie Bird, 1597; Harmonious Frequencies, 2018. Photo by: John Dean.

Jolie Bird
1597; Harmonious Frequencies
Until July 29, 2018

1597; Harmonious Frequencies is a performance-based installation being implemented in the Esker Project Space over the course of twelve weeks. Working within a clean and minimal space, Bird will create an 8-foot diameter representation of the Fibonacci Sequence, which references the golden ratio found throughout nature. The pattern is made up of 1,597 dots configured in two sets of spirals that radiate in opposite directions. Each dot is created by wrapping a golden thread around itself and adhering it to the wall.

The methodical distribution of the Fibonacci pattern exemplifies an exacting natural order that references growth and the flow of energy. The physical reproduction of this pattern also alludes to ideas of organized chaos; the pattern is pre-established leaving only the repetitive action of producing the work.

Over the course of the exhibition, as the dot spirals grow and change, the audience has the opportunity to enter the space, talk with the artist, and view the work up close. At the end of the exhibition, once the pattern is complete, each dot will be removed from the wall leaving nothing behind but time-lapse documentation of the performance.

Read more about the exhibition.

About Esker Foundation
Esker Foundation is a privately funded contemporary art gallery located in Calgary, Canada. The gallery connects the public to contemporary art through relevant, accessible, and educational exhibitions, programs, and publications. Esker Foundation reflects on current developments in local, regional, and international culture; creates opportunities for public dialogue; and supports the production of ground-breaking new work, ideas, and research. Founded in 2012 by Jim and Susan Hill, Esker Foundation is a new model for institutional relevance, curatorial focus, and audience engagement. Admission is free.

For a digital companion to all the exhibitions, the Esker Foundation App can be downloaded for free at either App Store or Google Play.

Esker Foundation provides free public programming created in response to our current exhibitions. Programs include artist talks, workshops, film screenings, field trips, tours, and family programs. Some notable upcoming programs include:

Talk & Tour with Anna Torma: Saturday, May 26, 1–2pm
Talk with Jolie Bird: Friday, June 15, 7–8pm
Talk with Vanessa Brown: Friday, June 22, 7–8pm

Speaking Truth to Materials: Revisiting the Workshop From Bauhaus to Womanhouse with Dr. Erin Silver.
Friday, August 10, 7-8pm, free
This talk will extend in two directions, taking the contemporary practices of Vanessa Brown and Anna Torma as springboards not only for tracing genealogies of early-20th century avant-garde workshops, including Vkhutemas and the Bauhaus, to the feminist studio workshop initiatives of the 1970s, that fused preoccupations with craft, design, and art with social, political, and economic ideology, but also for testing out the possibilities afforded by transposing present-day theoretical and political vantage points onto historical ones for expanding canonical thinking and bringing lesser known histories (notably, those of women and racialized artists) to the fore. Dr. Silver is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory at the University of British Columbia.

View and download the Summer brochure

Press contact
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Esker Foundation
4th floor, 1011 - 9th Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2G 0H7
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