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Call for Submissions

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OCAD U – Call for Submissions
Creative City Campus – Expansion and Renovation – Integration of Indigenous Art

Submission Due Date: March 12, 2018 at 2:00 pm EST

Date of Issue: February 12, 2018

OCAD U welcomes Indigenous artists and designers from Canada to submit proposals for artwork that will be permanently installed in the George Reid House, “the first building erected in Canada solely for the purpose of art education.”


The selected artist will be responsible for the design and creation of a permanent element/or series of elements, art and/or series of artworks that respond(s) to the architecture of the corridor and Multi-Purpose Room 1 to honor the presence and visibility of Indigenous peoples and culture at OCAD U. These elements can be of a contemporary or historical nature.

The elements listed above shall be integrated at one or all of the locations shown in Appendix A – George Reid House – Context, Location and Floor Plan diagrams. It is up to the artist to propose the distribution of the artwork(s)


The Creative City Campus (CCC) is a major expansion and renovation of OCAD University’s main campus on McCaul Street. The project’s main goal is to envision a 21st century healthy, accessible and creative learning environment with studio-based, experiential and collaborative learning. The project prioritizes OCAD University’s core values of sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, equity, Indigenous culture, and heritage. CCC is estimated to involve approximately 50,000 sq.ft. of new construction and 95,000 sq.ft. of renovation. The main building components of the project are 100 McCaul, 115 McCaul and 113 McCaul. OCAD U is currently working with a team of top tier architects, Morphosis and Teeple in collaboration with Two Row, to develop a site strategy leading to the design of the various project elements. This process began in early 2017; all construction is scheduled to be complete by fall, 2020.

An important part of CCC is the refurbishment of the George Reid House. This involves restoring the building to its original 1921 splendor – refreshing the facility with contemporary design ideas, technology, materiality and programming. The renovation is supported through the Canada 150 Canadian Infrastructure Program in recognition of Canada’s 150th confederation anniversary.

Indigenous presence in the renovated George Reid House provides a unique opportunity for the University to honor its commitment, as described in the 2017-2022 Academic Plan, to Indigenous learning at OCAD University. In keeping with the subtitle to Priority 1 of the plan – Nothing About Us Without Us - the guidelines below suggest possible approaches to embed Indigenous presence within this historically significant architecture.

Mandatory Requirements

  1. The artist will self-identify as Indigenous and a resident of Canada.
  2. The artist will submit all submission materials as outlined below in the ‘Submission’ section by March 12, 2018.
  3. The artist will be available to meet all requirements of the timeline listed below.



The budget for the project is $75,000 total. This includes the artist’s fees, materials, fabrication, delivery, contingency and any/all costs related to the work. There are no additional funds available for this project; therefore it is absolutely critical that the artist design their piece to suit. Artists are to provide a breakdown of costs in Part 6. Installation of the artwork will be coordinated by OCAD U and are not to be included in the artist’s budget.


  • February 12, 2018 at 10:00 am – Issue call for artists
  • February 23, 2018 at 10:00 am – Optional site visit meet at 100 McCaul – main lobby
  • February 12, 2018 – March 1, 2018 – Question period
  • March 12, 2018 at 2:00 pm – Submissions due
  • March 12 – April 5, 2018 – Review, clarification and evaluation of submissions
  • April 6, 2018 – Selection of artist announced
  • April 7 – July 31, 2018 – Design, fabrication and preparation for installation
  • August 1 – August 20, 2018 – Installation


  1. During the Design and Preparation for Installation phase, there will be a minimum of two in-person or skype meetings required with the artist and an OCAD U representative. These meetings will ensure that the piece is on track to align with the artist’s original proposal submission, and to be completed in a timely manner. These meetings are to be scheduled at a later date to suit the schedule of the artist and the jury.
  2. The majority of the George Reid House will be under construction from January – April, 2018. Therefore, the artist will not have regular access to the space. One or a few visits can be arranged with the contractor if sufficient notice is given to the project coordinator.
  3. It is the responsibility of the artist to coordinate all aspects of design, fabrication, delivery and instructions for installation. OCAD U will coordinate the installation.
  4. It is expected that all required information shall be included in the submission as per Appendix B. Further dialogue with the artist shall be conducted only as required to clarify information in the submission.


Artists are required to submit the following six parts:

  1. Artist statement (500 words maximum, 8.5 x 11 format PDF)
  2. CV (no page limit, PDF format)
  3. Previous work (10 Mb file capacity, 10 page PDF maximum for visual materials; links to audio and/or video files are acceptable)
  4. Written description of the proposal (1,000 words maximum, 8.5 x 11 format)
  5. Graphic representation of the proposal (maximum 4 pages, 8.5 x 11, 11 x 14, or 11 x 17 format)
  6. Budget breakdown

Upon being selected as the successful artist, they will be required to sign a Confirmation of commitment.


  1. Artists are required to follow the Submission Instructions (Appendix B) re: the items listed above.
  2. All material will be viewed on a regular size computer monitor and shall be formatted to suit. (Material will not be printed.)
  3. Submissions are due on March 12, 2018 at 2:00 pm.


During the submission process, all questions, concerns and comments from artists shall be directed to Joanne Frisch, Acting Director, Campus Planning and Projects at, Tel: 416-977-6000, ext. 4882

Good luck!